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"My Shazam Tracks" playlist doesn't sync/add all shazamed tracks

Plan; Premium

Country: New Zealand


It's the same on all my devices - whether Apple or Android 


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I've been using the automatic sync function where songs I have shazamed show up automatically in the 'My Shazams Playlist'. They stopped syncing so I followed the advice on this community of disconnecting the two, deleting the playlist on Spotify, then reconnecting. I've done this 3 times now.  However the playlist on Spotify only shows 94 songs whereas I've Shazamed 147 songs. And the songs that don't show up seem random - it's not that the first ones don't show or that certain albums don't show. For example I shazamed 3 songs recently from the same album on the same day and only one shows in Spotify. Any ideas? 

Hey everyone,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us.


  • iOS

This should now be fixed for all iOS users with the release of Shazam v 14.2. Just make sure your Spotify and Shazam apps are updated to the latest version.


Note that past Shazams will no longer sync to Spotify as part of the ‘Sync Shazams to Spotify’ feature. We have however improved the syncing to find and add more of your new Shazams to the ‘My Shazam Tracks’ playlist.


You can find out more on how to use Shazam in conjunction with Spotify on iOS in this Spotify Answer.


  • Android

The relevant team is still looking into possible solutions for AndroidWe're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest version.

Keep in mind that in the meanwhile, you can manually add tracks you Shazam to your "My Shazam Tracks" playlist.


Thanks again!


Hey there folks, 


Just sharing an update with you all:


I've gone ahead and did some tweaks in the Status Update to make it more clear that this issue should be resolved for iOS users as this caused some confusion.

If you're currently in version 14.2 (and newer) of the Shazam app and you're experiencing something similar on an iOS device, we'd recommend posting in the relevant Help board so we can take a closer look into things.


We'd also suggest checking out this Spotify Answer that contains more info and troubleshooting you can try.


For Android users, rest assured that the teams are still working into improving things. Make sure to keep both Spotify and Shazam apps up to date in the meanwhile.


Lastly, keep in mind that if you're on Android, you can try deleting the "My Shazam Tracks" playlist to restart the sync. However, we don't recommend trying this step if you're having troubles with the iOS app as this won't work in the same way (you'll only see new shazamed tracks display).


If anything changes for Android users, we'll keep you in the loop here!


Hope this helps clear things up a bit more! If you have any questions about what different Ongoing Issue statuses mean, you can check this Spotify Answer.


Have a lovely day 🙂


What a joke, this isn’t fixed. People are asking for a sync for all of Shazam, you’ve answered your own question not one that the OP is asking. This problem has been going on for years and it undermines your users to not acknowledge the problem fully and pretend you have fixed it. 


This is such a joke.



I just took the Shazam update today on Android where they claim the sync issue "should be fixed" and now it's worse. I'm on Android 11 (Pixel 5) running April security update. My Shazam has 555 songs. When I sync to Spotify was only bringing over 92 tracks. Today I deleted the "My Shazam Tracks" playlist, removed Shazam from Spotify apps, unlinked Spotify from Shazam, restarted my phone then relinked Spotify. Now the playlist doesn't even get created in Spotify.

Le sigh.


Edit: Just Shazamed a new track and that 1 new track came over and created the My Shazam Tracks playlist but the other 555 tracks are still missing.


Any updates on this from the Spotify moderator/reps? This has been an ongoing issue for me for about a year now, and none of the recommendations have worked (hard re-installs, disconnect/re-connect, etc.). @Katerina any update on this for Androids specifically?


I am on Android: Samsung Galaxy S9, and have the latest app versions for both. Very strange that this is still an ongoing issue?


Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have very little use for the app without this functionality...


Update to my update...I've played around with deleting the Spotify playlist and at least I have consistency now. Linking Shazam to Spotify does not create the My Shazam Playlist in Spotify until you Shazam a new track. Once created, it seems to be adding any new tracks (pretty instantly) but refuses to import the old tracks.

Yeah and Spotify refuses to do anything about this and reinvents the question everyone is asking.

It would be better at this point if they just said. - we don’t want to fix it. That said ‘recently played’ just appeared on the app and I’ve been asking for that for years.

Possible hope ?

Spotify and Shazam seem to be passing the buck on this. I contacted Spotify support about this a couple months back and they said it was a Shazam issue. When I contacted Shazam, the dialogue went back and forth until they said it was an issue Spotify was aware of and they (Spotify) were working on the issue.


To me, this looks more like a Shazam issue - proof being yesterday's update to Shazam actually saw some progress in that new tracks are being sync'd. (but doesn't rule out a collaborative issue)


It does suck that this apparently works in iOS. Maybe I will configure my stuff on a froot phone just to get my old stuff sync'd in.


Edit: Ok here I am thinking I'm so s.m.r.t. to try to "fix" the issue on iOS. No can do! It seems Shazam is all Apple-ified and you can't login to anything but iCloud for sync. Then when I try to import my Shazams via my email account that I have logged into Android, it imports "0 Shazams".


I knew when Apple bought Shazam the app would turn to **bleep**. Ugh.


Please can some one write to say if this worked for you. Spotify are adamant this works and even sent me a private message with instructions. I have followed these and still, there is nothing.


For anyone worried about losing Shazams then mine did go back onto my shazam through an icloud back up. 


I was very worried I would lose these. I did not. I am happy that Shazam actually seem to be paying attention after three years. Howver Spotify this is not a fix. Please do write here if this fix works for you. It would be good to ascertain why this does not work. Both spotify and shazam are latest additions. 


I use this feature on Apple music, it works flawlessly. I wonder if it's a political play between Shazam/Apple/Spotify with one of the parties dragging the issue on purpose. Wouldn't surprise me. In the meantime, it's making me reconsider - might switch to Apple