"My Shazam Tracks" playlist doesn't sync/add all shazamed tracks

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It's the same on all my devices - whether Apple or Android 


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I've been using the automatic sync function where songs I have shazamed show up automatically in the 'My Shazams Playlist'. They stopped syncing so I followed the advice on this community of disconnecting the two, deleting the playlist on Spotify, then reconnecting. I've done this 3 times now.  However the playlist on Spotify only shows 94 songs whereas I've Shazamed 147 songs. And the songs that don't show up seem random - it's not that the first ones don't show or that certain albums don't show. For example I shazamed 3 songs recently from the same album on the same day and only one shows in Spotify. Any ideas? 

Hey everyone,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us.


  • iOS

This should now be fixed for all iOS users with the release of Shazam v 14.2. Just make sure your Spotify and Shazam apps are updated to the latest version.


Note that past Shazams will no longer sync to Spotify as part of the ‘Sync Shazams to Spotify’ feature. We have however improved the syncing to find and add more of your new Shazams to the ‘My Shazam Tracks’ playlist.


You can find out more on how to use Shazam in conjunction with Spotify on iOS in this Spotify Answer.


  • Android

The relevant team is still looking into possible solutions for AndroidWe're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest version.

Keep in mind that in the meanwhile, you can manually add tracks you Shazam to your "My Shazam Tracks" playlist.


Thanks again!

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Hey there folks, 


Just sharing an update with you all:


I've gone ahead and did some tweaks in the Status Update to make it more clear that this issue should be resolved for iOS users as this caused some confusion.

If you're currently in version 14.2 (and newer) of the Shazam app and you're experiencing something similar on an iOS device, we'd recommend posting in the relevant Help board so we can take a closer look into things.


We'd also suggest checking out this Spotify Answer that contains more info and troubleshooting you can try.


For Android users, rest assured that the teams are still working into improving things. Make sure to keep both Spotify and Shazam apps up to date in the meanwhile.


Lastly, keep in mind that if you're on Android, you can try deleting the "My Shazam Tracks" playlist to restart the sync. However, we don't recommend trying this step if you're having troubles with the iOS app as this won't work in the same way (you'll only see new shazamed tracks display).


If anything changes for Android users, we'll keep you in the loop here!


Hope this helps clear things up a bit more! If you have any questions about what different Ongoing Issue statuses mean, you can check this Spotify Answer.


Have a lovely day 🙂


It would be a cold day in **bleep** before I switched to Apple! (bad enough they bought Shazam which is when this all seems to have started!)

it’s Apple who own Spotify, and it’s not in the slightest making me think I want to swap. I hate Apples forced monopolisation of things and the last thing it does is make me think I should swap to them but stop giving such a greedy corporation my money. Screw them guys.

@attackmonkeygo Apple owns Shazam, not Spotify.

As I've previously mentioned, there's a good alternative to Shazam: SoundHound. I've noticed it isn't as fast to recognize tunes, but the connection to Spotify works 100%.


Thanks for the update from April 7th 2021.
Hope there will be a fix for Android soon.
I am also only seeing a part of my Shazams on the Spotify playlist. Makes it harder to add liked songs to Spotify.


@RKdragon Not that this is a solution, but if you clear your My Shazam Tracks playlist and start from fresh, new Shazams will populate it. At least for now you can get current and future Shazams in the playlist. If you re-link Shazam and it recreates the playlist by partially populating it, it breaks and new Shazams do not populate so you have to delete it and let it auto-create with your next Shazam.




Hi there! I just wanted to add in what happened to me. I noticed my Android (One Plus 7T) had stopped syncing the playlist from Shazam to Spotify. I followed these steps: forced closed both apps, disconnected playlist, logged in and out of both and the playlist didn't update. Then I decided to uninstall both apps, reinstall, log back in, reconnect Spotify and it still didn't sync. As a last resort, I deleted the playlist, logged in/out, logged in, reconnected and then the playlist didn't show up anymore. I understand it's still being figured out but hopefully it's figured out soon cause that was a cool feature!


@Lia8244 I wouldn't hold my breath on this getting "figured out"'s been ongoing for a long time and there has been numerous updates to both Shazam and Spotify and it sill is not resolved.


Purchased the Spotify Premium option as I've got a few hundred Shazams I'd like to listen to. I've used the Shazam to Spotify sync option but that only does new tracks - the official response from Spofity 'We have however improved the syncing to find and add more of your new Shazams' doesn't help from those who have installed Spotify and already have a big collection of tracks. 


Only way seems to manually go through track by track adding to a new playlist - is Spotify planning on introducing this feature again or is it worth cancelling the subscription and going with another music service which works?




Please remove your above status update saying this issue is fixed for IOS users. 


It is not and insulting to everyone who has tried everything to fix this issue with you. It is not resolved and should not read as so.


Please do not have this issue squirreled away in Not Right Now.  Maybe it should be investigated and actually resolved?


Please remove Top Answer as it says fixed. How do I vote this down as it is unhelpful?

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