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"desktop_login_accounts:3" error message when trying to log in

Hey folks,


Users are seeing the above error message when they try to log in on the desktop app. There's no issue on the web player and mobile.


For some this was resolved by changing the default browser in the system settings.

Hey folks!


This issue should now be resolved 🙂

If you're still experiencing it, restart Chrome and then download the latest app version of Spotify from


Let us know in case you face any difficulties. Cheers!


Good sir, thank you! This solution worked like a charm, made my day!


Hi there @Xeefia,


Thanks for reaching out. Hope you don't mind us replying in English. 


Does the login in the browser not work? What does the error say? Is the behaviour the same when you try to log in to the account page across all devices?


If the password is being rejected, try resetting it using the email address on your account. If the login works otherwise, but is rejected in the app, consider performing a clean reinstall.


Hope this helps.

I reinstalled Spotify for a reason, and after opening it, I clicked on ‘Log in with Google.’ However, I encountered the following error message: ‘desktop_login_account:3.’ This issue only occurs on my desktop, I can log in to my account without any problems on my phone.
ya reinstale la aplicación en mi PC pero me sigue apareciendo error a la hora de iniciar sesión

Even if I want to log in with a new account, it does not allow. I can log in from the browser but I cannot log in to the application.


oh i figured it out  . I copied the link when spotify redirected me to the app and in another browser I pasted the link. . problem solved thx ♥








Operating System

Windows 11


My Question or Issue

I can log on the web player as well as my iPhone and iPad but on my PC, if I try to sign on to the desktop app, the web site will say "Something went wrong
An error has occurred processing your login. Please try again or visit Account help" and the desktop app will say "Service is temporarily unavailable, please try again later. (Error code: desktop_login_accounts:3)"

Things I've tried:

- clean install.

- disabling wallpaper engine, my vpn, and rainmeter

- adding an exception to my firewall

- turning off windows defender

- logging in from a guest account on chrome


Oh and I've tried logging in with my email and password as well as with Facebook.


All with the same exact results. My brain can't think of anything else at this point so maybe I'm missing something simple. Any ideas?

Screenshot 2024-03-21 145528.png
Screenshot 2024-03-21 145539.png


The Spotify host permission on your Windows might have been changed. The possible fix (at least this works on Windows 10) includes the following steps:


- press the Windows button. Then search for Run. Then type this in on the box:


then you are going to find hosts.



Double click on it, and then its going to ask what to open it with. You can use any text editor.



Then when you open it, if you find any text that is related to Spotify, delete it. In the screenshot, there's an example config text, but if there is ANY text that has in front of it, delete it, because it means to block it from the network.



Then save it as nothing, NO EXTENSIONS.



then its going to prompt to save it on a different location. You can save it to your desktop for convenience. Then when its saved open your desktop file and make sure you have view file extension.



It's going to ask if you are sure to delete the file extension, press YES and then move the file back to this location:


A prompt will ask if you want to replace the file, press Replace File on Location. Then make sure its saved, and you are done.


Try restarting Spotify and log in.


I hope this helps 🤓


I went and looked in the hosts file and there's nothing with Spotify mentioned. So, that looks like it can't be it either. Thank you so much for the advice though. 😊


I solved this by setting the default browser to Microsoft Edge.