BMW ConnectedDrive not working


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Yes, time goes by and nothing happens. I guess BMW customers are really a small part of Spotify customers. And none of these companies care about us.

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BMW is not really known for their stellar software development.  Compared to Spotify which is constantly updating their software.  Maybe the fault is with BMW software.  Does anyone know how to tweet BMW and show them this thread so they understand our frustrations?


I also would like some sort of transparency from Spotify.  Could you please let us know what you did previously to fix the problem?  Or what you possibly think could be the problem?

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BMW and Spotify just blame each other when asked. Neither seems interested in actually solving the issue.


While BMW's app/software development is certainly not the best (after all, they are an auto company, not a software company), I actually believe the problem is NOT on their side. Spotify stopped working with MANY different auto integrations, both manufacturer and aftermarket, starting with a Spotify app change in late 2018. This is well documented in this and other threads.


Spotify is a software company. Spotify made a change to their software that broke many integrations with other devices. Thus I believe it is Spotify's responsiblity to fix it, either by correcting their software change or being the leader in working with their many integration partners to help them adapt to whatever changes are happening.


In my work I deal with HR and Payroll systems. Often the system where someone's salary/wage is stored is different from the system that actually calculates paychecks, withholds taxes, and actually sends direct deposits - sometimes multiple payroll systems because, for example, different countries use different systems. If we ever had an HR system that changed something about their integration scheme that resulted in multiple payroll systems not properly receiving the data they need, I would fully expect the company behind the HR system to be the ones addressing the problem, not the payroll providers. Whoever created the problem needs to be the lead in fixing it.


In Spotify's case, they have made it very clear that they do not intend to address the problem they have created.

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EDIT: for me resettin connection in my iPhone X helped and now spotify seems to be working


Reset your Network Settings. Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This also resets Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings that you’ve used before. 


Since I was really missing my music and not beeing able to use spotify via bluetooth I discoverd that after disabling bluetooth on the phone and using USB connection in the car it is possible to stream music from the app to car (still without spotify app in the car system, so steeringwheel buttons are not working). Until they fix it it's the best I figured. Because bluetooth connection seems to be completly messed up...  (iPhoneX and bmw F20LCI )

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Any updates?

Still can’t see the Spotify App in my BMW. Playing songs via Bluetooth works though...

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Same here, I have never seen the spotify app on my car display ever (BMW F20 LCI from 2016). Bluetooth has always worked just as the steering wheel buttons. No Spotify app wireless or with the usb cable.

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I've downgraded the spotify app to version 8.4.49 and it works again


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Hey all,


Thanks for all your feedback.


We're still looking into this on our end. We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we really appreciate you letting us know about this. Don't forget to inform BMW about this as well.


We’ve blocked replies to this thread as we are not gathering more examples for now.


Have a nice day.

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