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[PS4] PS4 Audio Quality in 2018


[PS4] PS4 Audio Quality in 2018

Casual Listener



Spotify for PS4 was launched 3 years ago. Ever since you've kept updating it few times a year adding some new features to it.


However, one thing you've never paid attention to is the SOUND QUALITY. For all these 3 years there's been countless amount of topics about this issue and Spotify has taken no action to fix it. 


Like in every other similar topic, the issue focuses on the highly compressed sound and overly boosted highs that don't occur on any other Spotify platform. It is claimed that PS4 version uses 320 kbps quality on Premium accounts, but that's FALSE. 


For those interested in the setup I use... Source > USB DAC > 2.0 Active speakers > Active sub. I plug my DAC directly into the PS4 USB port and bypass the cheap TV soundcard this way.


I've ran back to back tests in every possible way. My setup has always been the same, just different source. I always use the highest quality if there are options. I've compared all Spotify platforms against eachother, for example PS4 vs Desktop/Mobile etc. I've also compared PS4 Spotify against PS4 YouTube.


Every single test has resulted similarly. PS4 is always the loser. Boosted highs, bass and mids just disappeared, flat compressed sound. Whereas any other Spotify source, and even YouTube, provides lively, balanced, rich sound. 


Now, why are you neglecting the PS4 Spotify? Why can't you just fix the issue after all these years of complaining and suggesting? 


PS4 Spotify is a great way to run the home speaker system. However it's not possible if the sound quality is absolutely HORRIBLE compared to the other Spotify platforms. 


Best regards

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Re: [PS4] PS4 Audio Quality in 2018

Casual Listener

Bump. Anyone else hate the PS4 sound quality?

Re: [PS4] PS4 Audio Quality in 2018



I guess you tried enabling DTS or Dolby Digital output modes already. It makes it a bit better. 

Re: [PS4] PS4 Audio Quality in 2018


Yes but this has been an ongoing issue on the Playstation 4.  It's just kinda funny that it's not even addressed, good or bad.   I'm still waiting for a fix as well. 

Re: [PS4] PS4 Audio Quality in 2018

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bump cos seriously this is messed up and kind of illegal to falsely advertise

Re: [PS4] PS4 Audio Quality in 2018


Cant believe we dont have a GOOD QUALITY SOUND, when we are premium subscribers?!!! Refund me if you dont update it!