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Alexa devices intermittently detected on Spotify connect

Alexa devices intermittently detected on Spotify connect






Same issue on Android, iOS and PC

My Question or Issue

When opening the device list on Spotify Connect, most of the times I do not see all of the devices connected. In particular I have 3 Alexa (2 Echo Spot and 1 Echo Dot 5th gen) and 2 Sonos speakers (Symfonisk by IKEA).

Sonos speakers are always visible, Alexa speakers are so intermittently - there is no real pattern among them, sometimes they do not appear, sometimes some appear greyed out with the subtitle "impossible to reproduce audio on at this moment" (it is not verbatim, I have the Italian version).

The same is true for groups of rooms created via Alexa app - they appear intermittently.


I am not sure if it is related - will open a separate thread on that - but when playing on "everywhere" it does reproduce only on Alexa devices (not on Sonos) but on all of them. So for example if at any given moment Only Alexa 1 and 2 are visible and I select Everywhere, it will play also on Alexa 3, which was not visible.


Finally, I have tried to "forget" both rooms and "everywhere" from Spotify connect, and they are added back automatically (I guess by Alexa, as I have never created and Everywhere group.

I have already checked:

- everything on the same wifi

- reinstall spotify

- reinstall spotify skill on Alexa


thanks in advance for any help


3 Replies

Hey @umar3ll,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


Can you please check out the examples in this thread and let us know if the issue described there matches the one you're currently seeing with your Amazon devices?


Keep us posted.

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United States


Moto G7 Power, ASUS PC, iPhone 12, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Show

Operating System

Anroid 11, Windows 10, iOS 16, Android 5.1, FireOS


My Question or Issue

I have an Echo Dot and an Echo Show in an "Everywhere" group. I can play to each one individually with Connect with only a few minor, intermittent issues. However, when I try to play to the group, the Show plays fine, but the Dot goes in and out. It sounds like a radio station losing reception. When the music stops, I can actually hear white noise and distorted sounds. When I played it from the desktop app, the volume started changing on its own, so it was having the same issue above and also the volume was jumping all over the place. 


I have tried the following troubleshooting steps: restart all devices, including router, reinstall Spotify, reinstall Alexa, update all devices and apps, clean Spotify reinstall, sign out and back in, restart apps, play from a different device, delete and set up groups again, etc.

Yes, thanks MhailY for flagging - i'll be following the other one. I have also other problems that I explain in the thread, like sonos and alexa  not playing together, but I suspect it is all related - so let's see if the other issues gets solved and take it from there 

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