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[All Platforms][Browse] Stop implementing fancy functions and fix the basics!

[All Platforms][Browse] Stop implementing fancy functions and fix the basics!

Spotify is slowly becoming a bloated mess with a lot of dumb features that no one asked for. The newest addition is voice recognition with suggestions based on the evalutation of your mood...

Who asked for this? Why bother?


The main problem with Spotify is that it is becoming increasinly bloated with functions that are not related to the basic music listening experience. I want to listen to MUSIC, but I still have to browse through Podcasts and have no way of hiding podcasts. Why would I use Spotify for podcasts when there are superior and cleaner alternatives out there?


The app has more problems now and I experience sudden shutdowns on iOS and PC without warning.


SONOS compatibility  is also worse than before with slowdowns and bugs. The pause button is suddenly greyed out / unavailable in the spotify app, and I must control it from the SONOS app instead.


Joining a session and adding songs is buggy and makes no sense. Fix it and make it better. "Festify" is far superior. Copy Festify and make an app for Apple TV +++ and you have something interesting.


Release Radar is a nightmare because Spotify does not descern between artists with the same name, something that new artists abuse. Release Radar went from a nice way to discover new songs to an annoyance. Look at the post "Release Radar includes wrong artists with the same name as desired artist". It is marked as "resolved", but that is not true at all.



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You have done nothing to fix the mess Spotify has become, nor let users hide podcasts. I am no longer paying for premium.

I hate when good services become bloated…

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