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[All Platforms][Other] Opportunity for master thesis

[All Platforms][Other] Opportunity for master thesis

I am a last year master student at Stockholm student cyber security and will complete my masters mid-2018.

I am keen to perform quantitative analysis on the risks associated with cyber security after moving the ERP systems to cloud. Cybersecurity deals with protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of organizational information assets. This can be crucial after the recent publishing of Sweden's national security policy as well as affirming organization to various upcoming mandatory regulations like GDPR. I think it will be interesting and valuable to perform the quantitative analysis on the risk portfolio that they have built precisely identifying the risks that are related to cyber security after the ERP system has moved to cloud. This can be mainly because the security of Cloud ERP systems is highly dense, shared and hence classification and quantification of security parameters can help to evaluate and visualize security risk better. It can also help to map the interlink between the risks and provide a small scale example for improvising security inter-teams. Once developed it can be easy to understand, strategize, update, maintain and follow.

Below is a short synopsis for the proposal:

Title: Quantification of risks associated with cyber security for ERP systems after transitioning to cloud

Synopsis: The aim of this thesis is to quantify the risks that are involved with cyber security after the transition of ERP systems to cloud . Moving ERP systems to cloud leads to reduction, multiplication and evolving of new risks at the same time. Hence it can be crucial to concretely evaluate the risk profile after the ERP system has moved to cloud. It also aims to interlink these identified risks and find their statistical correlation with each other in the form of matrix. Correlation and other similar statistical variables can help to undetstand how mitigation of one risk can affect other risks. This can in turn help in better business optimisation. It can also help to identify, categorise and combine risks under same umberella which can inturn help in skillful risk mitigation and pave towards building a robust and resilient cloud ERP system.

Also, I recently had a conversation with the manager at Spotify and it was a very inspiring conversation with him.

Thank you in anticipation!

Best regards,
Gaurav Prajapati

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hi gaurav, i'm also starting a research on spotify community content. may i check which community manager u had a chance to speak to?

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