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Amazon Echo Dot: Spotify Default Player Issue

Amazon Echo Dot: Spotify Default Player Issue

Hi Folks,


I've set Spotify (premium JP account) as my default music player in the Echo Dot Music settings.


However, I still need to issue "Ask Spotify" or "... On Spotify" commands to get Alexa to play anything from Spotify. Failing to do so makes Alexa revert to Amazon Music for which I have no premium account so in the rare case it does make a match, I just get some preview.


Any ideas? Has anyone faced this issue? Screenshot attached of my settings. Firmware for the Echo Dot is updated.




dot default player.jpg
dot firmware.jpg
29 Replies

Strange - I don't need to say "on Spotify". I just say play....and Alexa
says ....on Spotify.

Wait ! There are 2 options - I think Spotify is number 1 on my dot as my
default music service so Im having trouble playing from my music on Amazon
(but doesn't matter as I only have 2 cds on there)

I've selected Spotify and it plays off Spotify however only if I state 'on Spotify'

Ummm, if you don't say "Spotify" then it plays Amazon music, right ??
Strange......can you post a screen shot of your settings please

Hello. I did get it to work. First I did a factory reset of the eco dot, then I went with US instead of UK as the region. Don't know which one of them made it work, but now don't have to say "...on spotify" to play a song, only "play" and the artist/playlist/song. Works like a charm!

That's Great !!

That's Great !!

Hi just had same problem with the app in the UK - but the solution from the very good Amazon support line was far simpler - login in via the web interface at and change music service setting there - radio buttons worked fine. Rgds Tim

Sadly still didn’t work here. Im still having to say ‘on spotify’ to get Alexa to play my music.

None of these solutions work for me either. I am based in the UK, I have Spotify set to default, languages set to UK etc but I have to say 'from Spotify' to get it to work...

Strangely after doing it all through the webapp and resaving everything it now works, no longer need to say 'from Spotify'! The only issue is that it still can't find some songs even though they exist in Spotify and the Alexa card shows the command was registered properly so it wasn't a speech recognition problem...strange

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