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[Android 7.1, Google Pixel] Remote control widget dying or not starting

[Android 7.1, Google Pixel] Remote control widget dying or not starting

Brief description of the issue:

When I first start Spotify and play music, the notification widget appears, but after a while, it disappears from the notifications area. It sometimes dies while Spotify is still playing music. Starting and stopping the music in the app does not make the widget reappear.


Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Install Spotify on a Android 7.1 Google Pixel phone from Play store
  2. Play any music in Spotify (The notification widget will appear when you are not in th e Spotify app)
  3. After some time, the notification widget disappears. (can be while music is playing or not playing)
  4. Going back to the app itself and starting/stopping the music, the notification widget does not reappear.

What steps you’ve tried already:

I've already tried:

  • Clearing data/cache => no improvement
  • Re-installing => no improvement
  • Re-starting device => no improvement
  • Adjusting battery optimization to prevent it from killing "Spotify" => no improvement
  • Trying a different, identical device => no improvement
  • Force-killing app, then starting again => This often works (although not always), meaning that playing music will make the notificatoin widget appear again.


Your device and operating system

5' Google Pixel with Android 7.1


Type of Spotify account you have (Free/ Premium):



The app version of Spotify you’re using: armV7



7 Replies

Hey @brockj!


Thanks for letting us know about this. Let us know if this happens when using a WiFi, 3G/4G network or both. Did this started to happen after an app update?


If possible, send us some screenshots of what you see. We'll see what to suggest.


Keep us posted.

Hey there!


We hope you're well.


How are you getting on, is this still happening?

If so, can you send over the info as requested above?


We'd love to see what we can suggest 🙂



I'm also having this issue on my Google Pixel. It's been happening since I installed Spotify, and occurs on both WiFi and LTE. The following happens quite often as well:

- Have music playing through headphones

- Remove headphones (without pausing the music)

- Music control notification disappears, but the music continues to play out of the phones speakers


I then have to open the Spotify app and pause the music for it to stop. Ideally the music should automatically get paused when the headphones are removed, and the control notification should not disappear.


I need to test more, but it seems like this issue is gone with a recent update. I also noticed that in the update that seemingly fixed this isssue, the background color of the notification widget changed from black to white. Oddly I did not see an update of the Spotify app itself at the same time, but it has since been updated to armV7.

 This looks like it's fixed as of armV7.  This can be closed.

Hi guys!


@brockj, we're glad to hear that everything was solved. 


@chromium, can you try updating the Spotify app to our latest version (6.9.0.) to see if this helps?


Keep us posted. 

Hey there @chromium!


How are you getting on, is this still happening?

Keep us posted, as we're here to help 🙂

If we've not heard back in around 48 hours, we'll look to get this one closed up.


Thanks, and take care.



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