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Android Wear OS, how to change the volume from watch

Android Wear OS, how to change the volume from watch

Hi, I have Spotify premium and use it on my phone (nokia 7 plus) and with a smartwatch connected. I use the watch to control playback but i cant find the controls for volume up and down. Does anyone know how?



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Wear OS 2.3

Spotify Wear OS


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Hi, just seen your question here while googleing the same thing... Maybe my answer is too late for you, but others could be interested in this as well.


This is a bug which was already in Spotify on the Smartwatches some years ago. Nothing changed in the meantime, I even already changed watch some weeks ago, and the problem persisted.


There's a work around: While some write that it's possible to tap on the artists name on the screen you posted a picture about, which should open another player with the volume buttons this didn't work for me. But if you go to the home screen of the Smartwatch and swipe down once, you can see on the bottom of the short settings your music which plays at the moment. Tapping there will bring you to this screen with the volume buttons then. Hope it also works for others, and hope even more, that Spotify finally will fix this bug!!

This still has to be done to change the volume.

I was using the default google player that has the +/- volume then downloaded the spotify app. I have to hop back and forth between the 2 all day long at work when listening to music. I hope someone can fix this.

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