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BMW Connected Drive deprecation


BMW Connected Drive deprecation

Hello!! I was informed that since the last update Spotify should have stopped working with BMW. I noticed, because all of a sudden the Spotify icon disappeared from Connecties Drive.... that is quote a sad thing.... Can anyone confirm that this is really true? And are options to get older Spotify options back so it starts working again?


Streaming songs one by one, using my phone as a remote while driving, isn't really an option....

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In Europe (Italy) the issue is still there, even if you upgrade to the latest version.


Prisoner in the land of eighties.

I can confirm the same issue with the newest version.


Downgraded to version as a workaround...and it works again (thx @Sdwebb1971).







Realme 6

Operating System

Android 10


My Question or Issue

Hello all, 

I just bought a BMW X1 with connected drive. For some days the integration with Spotify worked perfectly and I was able to navigate through my playlists directly using the controls in the car. Suddenly it disappears and now I'm not able anymore to run Spotify through the on board system. I contacted BMW to get support for that and they said an update released by Spotify has removed the support for third parties applications in Android system. Is this true? Why you have removed this kind of support?


Thank you


Has someone tried the new spotify version with the connected drive update?

@Rom4ik wrote:
Has someone tried the new spotify version with the connected drive update?

Are you serious? How about reading the posts above instead of wasting time of other people?

Downgrade to previous Spotify version works.

Plan: Premium

Country: UK


Device: Oneplus 5 (same issue on Oneplus 6T)

Operating System: Android


I'm running Spotify 8.5.**bleep**.834 on an Android Oneplus system. The older Spotify app used to work fine with my car's infotainment (Mini Clubman 2018) but after one of the latest Spotify releases, the app completely disappeared from the car's integration. All other apps (calendar, mini connected, etc) are still there which means that general connectivity is fine - only Spotify vanished. I have contacted BMW/Mini and they said that this is a known issue and that the new Spotify app broke the integration and asked me to contact you guys. Are you aware of this issue? Is there a fix planned for it?

Are you serious? I was talking about the connected drive update, that came today


I got spotify working again per the previous advice going back to version 1002. with iDrive6 on my 2017 car.    BTW I am new to spotify (converted from google play!).   In order to "downgrade", I had to uninstall the app and re-install the older version, and it removed all my "downloaded Music" also in the process.  Is there away around that?


Today, thanks to good old google play store, spotify updated to the newest version (again - despite me switching off updates), so its now at .834.  I tried updated my connected drive app to (  Surprise surprise the spotify icon still does not appear on my idrive 6. 


Would be nice if someone from BMW and Spotify had a little phone call between them and fix this... asap?  

Same issue here.  I thought I was the only one.

Support at Spotify  are aware of this now after a multiple and frustrating email exchange. They said that they are always changing features of the app and cannot promise that the original functionality will return!!!! Is there another music app available as this is awful....

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for all the reports you sent us. We’ve merged them all here and have an update to share with you on the matter.

We received confirmation that the BMW Connected Drive feature has been depreciated. As a result, it’ll no longer be possible to control Spotify via the onboard BMW system. You can however still enjoy your favorite music by connecting to your car’s audio system via Bluetooth.

We also have marked this Idea about bringing back the integration as open for voting. If this is something you would like to see make a return in the future, make sure to leave your vote there and subscribe to the idea. We’ll be monitoring it to pass the feedback on to the right team and keep you posted there, as soon as we have something to share.

To ensure we have one single place to gather feedback from, we'll be closing this thread for replies.

Drive safely!

Mihail Moderator
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This is my second attempt to bringing back the old shuffle button. Please I am annoyed of how it works now.  I miss tapping it multiple times to get a song I want. Now I have to either shuffle another playlist to shuffle the playlist I want to listen to again or do it from the first song. Why do you guys make things so complicated. How many times do I have to express this??? I can't even find my old post about it either.


Bmw spotify app losing shuffle and repeat settings every time car is idle for an hour or more.

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