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Bring back older version of the web player.

Bring back older version of the web player.

I would never come here usually but if I do it's to moan about updates spotify does again.


I am here to address the updated web player spotify did before few days. The player was perfectly alright before I was listening my music enjoy myself every single day but oh wait spotify had to do some changes !!! OF COURSE THEY HAD TO !!!! Now my web player is all bugged refuses to play tracks i have to refresh the page few times sometimes so that it is fixed, I started getting those motherfn' adds every single 5 tracks I play which I was not getting that before few days. I installed adblock on my browser for a darn reason. AND don't tell me the problem is from me. Simply fix your web players or bring back the old version while ur getting the new one fixed. 

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I'm at the edge with Spotify right now... I feel like cancelling my subscription and going somewhere else. This design is still hard to adjust to. It's too big, bad for the eyes, buggy, harder to find things, etc. The old Spotify layout had everything; Easy on the eyes, easier to get places, and it was why I joined Spotify in the first place. Because it looked better and was easier to navigate compared to anything else. Now they just threw it out of the window and said f*** you...

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