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Bring back the Discover page's functionality!

Bring back the Discover page's functionality!

I woke up this morning, went to my Spotify Discover page looking for some new music, and found this... 


Spotify Screenshot 10-23-2014.png


Wiz Khalifa, Paramore, Rascal Flatts, My Chemical Romance, Metallica, Queen, Haim. Britney Spears, Brad Paisley, Naughty Boy, Lady Antebellum, Florence and the Machine, 50 Cent, R. Kelly, T.I. The Lumineers. 


Top 40 hits from today, and my adolescence. Hip hop. Twang pop. Current pop-alternative. Generic classic rock. 


At the risk of sounding like a hipster, my musical taste is varried, and almost never dips into any of those piedgon holes, save for classic rock. Spotify used to be fantastic at showing me artists based on the artists I enjoy. They seemed not to pander to the most popular or succesful either. I got results from artists with a range of followers, from millions, down to dozens. Most new music I've listened to in the past year, including many of my new favorites stemmed from that page. 


At first I thought this was a bug, something temporarily wrong with my page. Then I found this...


Some seem to have been affected by this a few months ago. I suppose it's just caught up with me. On the tenth page of that thread, someone recommends we voice our concerns here. So I am. 


Please Spotify, aside from having a very comprehensive library of music, the Discover page was what I loved most about you. Bring it back. Leave the pop on the Top Lists page where it belongs. 


PS: Yes, that's μTorrent I have open. Look what you're making me do! 

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I agree. My taste is unusual and I don't want to see popular bands in my Discover recommendations, cuz I just don't like them.
I loved Spotify for "Discover" thing when it used to say "Oh if you like Digital Leather you should try This!". Now its gone, and it's replaced with "One Direction", "Katy Perry", "Bob Marley". I dont have to 'discover' Katy Perry, cuz I already know her and I don't like her just like most of the mainstream bands.

The change in the Discover section has made me really mad.  If Spotify does not address this, I will probably end up cancelling my account and move to another service.  

The "Discovery" tab seems to be completely removed from my client totally, I really hope they do bring this feature back and remove the "trending in your area" garbage.  I may have to just cancel my premium service and look elsewhere for my music streaming needs.

All sorted!!

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Good god. I'm glad it's not just me. This takes a) the discover function and b) spotify in general from something that has completely changed my daily routine with music to something I'm not interested in using anymore. Of course a lot of people listen to top 40...but why would you recommend stuff that I could just hear on any out-of-the-box radio station? The whole attraction is exposing me to things I wouldn't have picked myself based on everything else I listen to. 


At the risk of sounding reactionary, I think I agree with LainLain. The removal of such a great feature might be a deal breaker for me. Not only because I loved the feature and it has greatly enriched my musical life, but because it signals a shift in focus from being a user-centric experience.

Absolutely agree with this; the quality of the Discover feature was one of the key differentiators Spotify had.

Yes, I'll be unsubscribing if "people in my area are listening to 50 Cent" is the replacement for suggestions of things based on what I actually listen to.  I hope this is just a bug.

This has been resolved for my account! 🙂  I am now seeing real recommendations. I guess I'll have to check out Metallica later.


Good luck to the rest of you!

Ahhhhh!  Discover has also been fixed for me and I am seeing recommendations based on what I listen to.  Spotify, please don't change it again. 

Ive already unsubscribed. This was the single best feature of Spotify, and I find it insulting to be told what artists are popular around me, if I wanted to know I would listen to the radio


Maybe Ill try googles program

My discover tab is gone completely as well.  Guess they are slowly rolling it back out?  In any case, I wish we didn't have to go to the browse tab just to get to discover.  It used to be on the menu on the left, but now I have to waste time loading a whole page full of music I don't give a crap about just to get to the discover tab.  Not to mention the times the huge banner at the top would delay in loading just until I am about to click on discover, so I end up clicking on the banner by mistake.  If it happened once or twice, OK...  but it must have happened at least 15 times.

Not sure what happened, but my Discover queue is once again being populated with real recommendations based on music I've listened to.

Spotify fixed.png


It's back! I'm glad to see that got sorted out. I wonder if that was a glitch, or something done on purpose. I also wonder if our complaining had anything to do with our beloved Discover's speedy recovery. Can anyone from Spotify chime in? 

It looks like this got fixed for me as well! I'm so happy the Spotify team took our concerns seriously. In case any of them might see this - THANK YOU!! :))))

My Discover tab had been showing the trendy poppy stuff for a week or two...and now it has gone completely missing. It's been replaced with some junky "Highlights" tab...I'm quite sad. Glad to see some of you are seeing yours back to normal though.

 Yes, please bring back the Discover option so that it is relevant. My tastes are eclectic, but when the artist formerly known as  Ke$ha shows up in my Discover, something is definitely wrong. At this point, I don't have a Discover tag on Spotify premium. It has been replaced by Highlights, which just seems to be a grab bag of random stuff, almost none I have any interest in. 

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