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Chrome And Web Player - High CPU Consumption.

Chrome And Web Player - High CPU Consumption.


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Operating System

Windows 10, 1809, 64bit

Chrome 70.0.3538.110 64bit (problem started from older..)

My Question or Issue

 I am running my Chrome, surfing the web all looks good... then i decide to open spotify web player, i barely started the first song... i worked a bit with my PC and everything loading sooooo slow! The i open task manager and i saw from Chrome 75% CPU USAGE and Very high in Power Usage. I close spotify webplayer all went normal again... everything has fast response. I opening again Spotify web player the the same happens again... and boom! A blue screen with error witch caused by the hi usage of CPU(PC not overclocked/all are stock).
I restart my PC i run all the antivirus programs i have nothing found, the registry, had no errors, ABSOLUTELY everything in perfect .
conditionAt that pc i have 64gb RAM at 3200Mhz, 4,3Ghz CPU with 8 cores 16 threads. All drivers updated updated, No adblock, No VPN.

I left spotify i went to other stream service and stayed there because i didn't had the same issue.


I went home i opened my PC there, all the same as the above in hardware except the RAM is 128gb, no OC, no viruses, all normal.

And i had the same issue. I went incognito but the same...


Tried and in Laptop, same there.


I don't know what changes you made at the spotify web player but is awfull and you have to look at it. My friends confirmed the same problem at their pcs.


So i canceled the subscription to not pay this month for a problematic product. I am using other Service.


If you figure out what was the lame thing you did and fix it then give me a call.


For now,


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Hey @rekle.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Could you let us know what happens if you try a different web-browser? You could also try the standalone Spotify client to see if that works better. You'll even have more features there 🙂


Let us know if that help, or if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

First of all thanks for your reply, i am currently using other service and my friends too.
I came here because i got mail notification with your reply, so i opened latest chrome again and the CPU went to 100%, i tried an older version of Chrome it was at 90%. i also tried Firefox and it happens the same. I think you did something at your player that conflicts probably with the Widevine Content Decryption Module.

The solution you are offering to me, it is like treating me as "stupid" off course i know the stand alone player... if i was able to use it, i wouldn't had used it already instead of complaining?

You wanna lead people at your application? From what i understand at every problem that comes up you the mods and developers saying to us to use the app... ok then if you want us to use the app why do you have an active web player and you don't shut it down permanent? Since the lunch of the new player i see 100 of problems posting in here by other people every week.

So leaving spotify it is the only way, you are not the only service out there.

Hey @rekle.


Thanks for getting back to us. We understand your frustration, and we are going to to our best to get to the bottom of this and fix it.


Could you let us know roughly how long you have been experiencing this issue for? 


Once we have this information, we will investigate further.


Thanks in advance!

I'm also having trouble when using the webplayer. Everything is fine until I play a song, I can navigate on the webplayer but once I click play my CPU just skyrockets to 100% 


Any news about this issue ?

Hey there @KarStoffel,


Welcome to the Community! No worries - we're here to help 🙂


You can start with going through the following steps, to see if that makes a difference:

  • close all other apps and tabs before opening the web player
  • make sure you have the latest version of Flash installed
  • clear cache or try an incognito window
  • try a different browser
  • temporarily disabled anti-virus and firewalls
  • restart your router and disable VPN (if connected)

If that doesn't fix the issue for you, it'd be great if you could let us know the device, OS,and browser you are using. We'll see what we can suggest next.


Thanks  - Keep us posted!

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