Daily Mix scrambled at each "love" or "dislike"


Daily Mix scrambled at each "love" or "dislike"

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Hi all,


Since a few days ago, any "Daily Mix" (I have 6 of them now) changes entirely (even the list of songs previously played, which is entirely odd and plainly wrong) at each "love" and "dislike". What is worse is that the underlying queue seems unchanged, while title and song displayed by all devices I'm using are the ones displayed by the UI after the scrambling.


To clarify, say that I'm listening to a Primus song and I hit the "love" icon when the next song would have been a Queens of the Stoge Age track. The overall playlist will change, displaying for instance a System of a Down song after the Primus one I'm playing. In that case, after the Primus song I will start hearing the QOTSA song while all devices would display the SOAD details.

Moreover, if I'm listening the first song in a Daily Mix and I hit "love", in all the scrambling that occurs that song will go much further down in the playlist, preceded by a new list of songs that I haven't actually listened to.


This is clearly a bug, and it must be server side as it didn't start with any specific client update and the mismatch is visible in all devices connected (4 in total, see details below).


Moreover, "loves" do not "stick" anymore, but this issue has been around for longer.


Thanks on advance for your help and feedback.










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Daily Mixes are visibly buggy and not working anymore as expected.

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