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Problem with mobile player

Problem with mobile player

Hi All,


I have a Samsung s8 with premium and I am having issues with the whole app. 

1. While connected to the internet or offline, the app is insanely slow and unresponsive. 

2. Songs will sometimes stop halfway through playing and then skip to the next song.

3. While skipping songs, it will sometimes only allow you to skip 3 or 4 songs before freezing as if it is buffering the next song (should not happen as all my songs are downloaded offline).

4. If I try to clear the cache, it will sometimes delete some of the songs I have already downloaded and force me to re-download them. 


I have tried contacting support and they told me to uninstall the app and then reinstall. This is only a temporary fix. I have used Spotify on my old phone (Samsung S6) and on my computer (both desktop and laptop). Everything runs smoothly except for my S8. They say Spotify is compatible with the s8, but so far I highly doubt that.


Anyone have ideas on why this is happening?



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BTW when you uninstall and re install the app works again, but wehen you go back to downloading you wind up in the same place again. I have to download because I travel often and am often without network...


Totally frustrating.

Yup, that is the exact problem. The uninstalling/reinstalling is only a temporary fix. Quite frustrating.

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