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Developed Android-app simulating Spotify Connect for AirPlay-devices -> seeking contact at Spotify

Developed Android-app simulating Spotify Connect for AirPlay-devices -> seeking contact at Spotify

Hi there,


I'm seeking for a real human at Spotify (dev, legal) to talk about this:


I developed an Android-app that simulates a "Spotify Connect"-enabled device for each available AirPlay-receiver (Airport Express, Apple TV etc.).

This has been done by "transcoding" a "Spotify Connect reverse-engineering project" to the Android-platform.

No code/sdk of Spotify is involved, no app-key used, no user-data requested.. it just works like "Spotify Connect for AirPlay" and of course requires a Premium subscription.


I will comply with Spotify's Developer Terms of Use, but as the app doesn't use any official API/code from Spotify, this might be a bit more complex.


Additionally, maybe Spotify supports this project to allow Android-users streaming Spotify to AirPlay.

This would strengthen Spotify's position on Android-devices for users with AirPlay-receivers.


Can you please share any real human's contact address?


Thanks in advance,

Martin L.



2 Replies

Hi there and welcome to the community,


As far as I'm aware, Spotify Connect is closed source and exclusive to partners, therefore no public documentation is provided.. The best way to get in contact with Spotify Developers about implementing Spotify in your own applications is through Github. I'd recommend checking out this repository:


If you're seeking a partnership, then I'd suggest filling out the form on this page here.

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Hi Jordi,

thanks for your warm welcome and help.


The app has already been developed and is working fine for several users - they can use their AirPlay-receiver directly within any Spotify-client now.

Spotify Connect has been implemented by using a reverse-engineering-project, so it didn't require any documentation from Spotify.


As Spotify Connect is not part of Spotify's android-sdk, I'm not sure if the Github-project is the right source for legal/partner-discussions.



I have already submit the form at with details about the app, but got a generic "we get many requests each week"-response (and, it's of course not a "hardware" but a "software").


I assume they haven't even read the message as I had expect a bit more personal response.



I'm looking forward to get in touch with Spotify as this app finally brings Spotify on AirPlay for Android-users.


Best regards,
Martin L.


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