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Discord not displaying music from Spotify

Discord not displaying music from Spotify


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PC, Macbook Pro late 2016

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iOS 10, Windows 10


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Hi, this issue has been occuring when I use Spotify + Discord across multiple devices/OS for the last few days.


I have Discord linked to my Spotify, and I have Discord set to show what I'm listening to. Never had an issue with tracks showing up til now. I checked the settings numerous times. (I also have the option to show what game I'm playing turned off, so all that should be displaying is the music I'm listening to.)


What happens is that Discord will display what I'm listening to for 1-5 tracks then randomly stop. There's no way to get it to display music again unless I do the following:


1.) log out of both apps.

2.) completely uninstall and reinstall both Discord and Spotify.

3.) log back into both apps.

4.) reauthorize Discord connection to Spotify.


I've done this on both my Macbook and my PC and the issues/results are identical.


Before doing those steps I also had revoked access to Spotify just to be sure the connection was completely severed, as simply logging in and out didn't work. I had to uninstall both completely to get the tracks to show up at all.


After both apps are reinstalled and I log in and reauthorize Discord to connect/display music, the same issue will happen. A few songs in a row will display before it stops working. I tried the uninstall thing a couple times on both devices and it works every time but I don't want to keep doing that because it's not worth the hassle. Considering this happens across different devices/OS I think it's a bug. Can you please look into it? Thanks!


p.s. I tweeted the Discord app twitter about this issue but not in as much detail. I realize it may be a complicated bug and I'm not sure how your respective QA departments would handle this. If necessary I can also send this information to them unless you notify them of Discord-related Spotify issues reported by the community. Thanks!

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Hey  @miyuuuks


There was indeed a problem with Spotify Discord Rich Presence and the Discord team were on it. It should be fixed by now. 🙂


Let me know how it goes on your end!

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