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Every other song is silent on my VIZIO speaker when played via Google Nest Hub

Every other song is silent on my VIZIO speaker when played via Google Nest Hub

Plan: Premium

Country: US


Device: Google Nest Hub-> VIZIO Soundbar (V51-H6)


My Question or Issue

Spotify is the default music app on my Google Nest Hub. My Google Nest Hub also has VIZIO soundbar as the default speaker (all of these are configured in my Google Home App on my iPhone with the latest iOS). When I give voice commend to play music, Google Nest Hub will open Spotify and play the song and the sound will be played through my VIZIO speaker. However, every other song is silent. If I change Google Nest Hub's default speaker to Google Nest Hub's speaker, this issue goes away. I tried the crossfade setting and it doesn't solve the problem. 

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I'm having the exact same issue, very similar setup: Spotify on Nest Mini > Vizio soundbar as default music speaker. Every other song is silent, but manually shipping ahead seems to work just fine.

Anyone have a solution?

Ever find a fix for this? Thanks!

Same issue. Vizio Sound bar V51-H6. Every other song just doesn't play. Or plays for half a second before cutting out while the rest of the google speakers in the group continue to play the song. 

Hello, i am still facing that issue and can not use spotify lite, as it is not available in Germany.





Nest Hub 2


Operating System

Fuschia Version 14.20230821.4.67

Software Version 54.103.577294944

Chromecast firmware version 3.71.387262


My Question or Issue



I have a Premium plan and recently bought a Nest Hub 2. When every I play a playlist, the first song plays properly but the second one starts to play but no sound comes out. The third one plays well again and the fourth does not play. I tried skipping to the next song and comming back but the issue remains. If I switch to play on another device (Android phone, smartwatch or Ipad) it plays properly, just on the Nest Hub 2 I have the issue.

Hey folks,


Apologies for missing this thread.


For anyone still experiencing this, please let us know (if you haven't already) your device model, OS version and Spotify version and try a few basic troubleshooting steps like reinstalling your app or resetting your device (in the case of smart speakers).


Keep us posted.

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