Firefox - Open via Spotify app

Firefox - Open via Spotify app



I had a Spotify link sent to me on Discord and when I clicked it, it opened in my Firefox and then I got prompted to do open future Spotify links through the Spotify app itself however I accidentally clicked on no and I was never able to change it or reset it in Firefox's settings.

I'm using the latest Firefox version on Windows 10 and I also have the latest Spotify app (Premium).

How can I get about doing that?


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Hey @Bubblez.


Thanks for getting in touch!


You should be able to reset this in the settings on Firefox itself. Try going though the preferences/options and you should find it.


Try clearing all browsing data, cookies and cache if you can't find it. That should reset it as well.


Hope it works! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.


Well, that's why I'm asking for help at the first place.

How do I accomplish that on Firefox? I don't want to reset all my settings which is pretty much like reinstalling Firefox.


@Guido, I had the same issue, Firefox actually is configured to open Spotify links with the external app but still opens the web client. Running Firefox v71, win10 v1903

If you want to see how to configure that in firefox anyway though, @Bubblez, see the attached screenshot.



Same here. Configured, but not working.

macOS 10.14 » Firfox v75


This extension will open web player links (and, I think, embeds?) in the desktop app:


The Firefox setting mentioned earlier in this thread is for "spotify:" links and not http links to the web player. This extension will intercept links to the web player and rewrite them as spotify: links, so that Firefox knows to send them to the desktop player.


(Note that it doesn't bring the desktop player to the foreground, nor does it play  whatever was at the link. And the permissions it requires are surprisingly broad, but I believe that's necessary to handle embeds.)

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