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Garmin Fenix5+: Error loading podcasts if certain podcasts are subscribed to

Garmin Fenix5+: Error loading podcasts if certain podcasts are subscribed to






Garmin Fenix 5s Plus

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue:

I used to get an error message when trying to download podcasts to my fenix. The issue is only with podcasts, not music. I found out that when I unsubscribe certain podcasts, it works fine but as long as these "problematic" podcasts are in my subscribe list, I can't download any to the watch or even get to the point where I can coose.


I directly get the message "Bluetooth-Fehler: Garmin Connect-Mobile Verbindung prüfen" (engl.: "Bluetooth-Error: Check Garmin Connect-Mobile Connection").


If I unsubscribe to one certain podcast (in this case "Fest&Flauschig"), it works just fine.


Best regards,



7 Replies

I basically have the same issue with the same Podcast (Fest & Flauschig), but on a different device. Mine is the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music.


I follow about 20 other podcasts and this one is the only one, that is not working. It also only fails if I reach the "page" with that podcast. So if I re-follow five others after I followed this one again, I can open the podcasts list, but it fails once I leave the first set of shown shows and reach the page with this one on it.



that's interesting. I assumed it just breaks the whole list but I only have 3 Podcasts subscribed including this one. So if it only  breaks for you when scrolling to the page where it is shown, this suggests the problem lies whith the list entry, not the podcast itself. 


Something is broken there but this can only be addressed by Spotify, I hope they get to that since it is unusable for me unless I unsubscribe to Fest&Flauschig every time I want do put podcasts on my watch not to mention that I cannot listen to this particular one on the watch.


It also would be surprising if this is the only one affected but it seems rare since I couldn't find any references to a similar problem.

Same issue for me. I was messing around for hours, until i found this Post.


Unsubscribing „Fest & Flauschig“ fixed the problem as a workaround.

Oh god, thank you so much (Dankeschön!). I was really getting frustrated and removing "Fest und Flauschig" really did fix it on my 645 music. 


A "real" fix would be very much appreciated, since "Fest und Flauschig" is awesome! 

Thank you so much for the solution with the „Fest und Flauschig“-Podcast. I had the problem with the Podcast-Sync for over a month and since I removed this podcast it works again.

So, is this a bug report already? Is this picked up here by someone official? Or is there another channel to report this to?

The issue persists. It appears Garmin Support is aware of a few problems with the Spotify app. I have also left a review in the Connect IQ Store. So far - nothing has improved. Hoping for a new release soon.

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