Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music



When will the app for the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music be available?  Garmin is selling these smartwatches with the understanding it will have Spotify connectivity.  Garmin says it is up to Spotify to release the app, not them.  Please release it ASAP! 


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Have asked Garmin about this and they stick to their position : this is up to spotify to release it for the VA3music. Hopefully this will be done soon, I bought this one over the regular VA3 for Spotify, I don't want to pay extra for Deezer premium just to listen to music on my watch.


I do understand the VA3music is less of a high end product than the forerunner and fenix but still, I would be great to cover the whole spectrum for garmin AND for spotify.


I would also appreciate the Spotify app for my Vivoactive 3 Music.  Right now I'm using the deezer free trial, but I'd much prefer to use my Spotify account on it.  


I would also prefer Spotify over Deezee


Any answer from spotify on this? Would highly appreciate, as running season is about to start. A big down for spotify otherwise...

I would also prefer Spotify over Deezer, since I have a premium account at Spotify. Please take our requests into account ASAP!


I've just bought this watch and I am desperate to use Spotify on it. A music player without Spotify is like a car without an engine. Please make this happen soon.


Hi Spotify! Care to reply???


I actually bought the VA3m after learning Spotify would be available on Garmin devices... Silly me to think it would be available on all of the recently released, music-capable Garmin watch models.


Please, please, PLEASE roll this out for VA3m users!



Come on Spotify - what is the latest news for us Vivoactive 3 Music users?


 Perhaps Spotify may listen to our requests if we ditch their premium service to subscribe to Deezer, as they do provide  garmin support. I don't care who pay my money too, as long as provide what the customer requires. At the moment Spotify isn't completely doing this. 


Whats is the reason Spotify is not willing to reply in this thread?



I bought a VA3Music in November expecting Spotify to be available very soon (I assumed certainly before the holidays!), and am disappointed there is still no release date.


According to a Spotify customer service representative I spoke with, Spotify reviews new ideas which get over 100 votes each month. I have added it as a new idea, so please go to the link below and vote!


I’m in the same boat. I have a premium subscription and a vivoactive 3 which I bought primarily to listen to music with. Come on Spotify, please come to the party otherwise I’ll have to cancel my subscription and sign up to Deezer, which I’d rather not do. 


I purchased my watch back in November and am extremely dissapointed that spotify is still not available. 


I'm elegible to return my watch through the end of this month. I don't really want to but I think if spotify is still not available i'll return the watc, cancel spotify and will look for alternate music services and hardware for running.  




Yes Please! I also bought my watch thinking it would arrive soon and it's been so long... 645m came 2 weeks after fenix, why the long wait?


same here... a little bit more trasnparency from Spotify would be appreciated. Why is that we are still without Spotify on FEB19? it was supposed to be released before Year End 2018


Please! We need the app available for VA3m ASAP. Is a main reason why I got the music version instead of the standard one. I really thought spotify was gonna release the app soon after the fenix and forerunner but it hasn't happen. It has more than enough votes for it to be reviewed. Please spotify we need it! 


Spotify - please add support for the vivoactive 3 music after promising it for quite a while!




I have a free trial with Deezer right now.  It runs out in 2 months.  If Spotify doesn't have this problem fixed by then, I will be leaving Spotify and moving to Deezer.  It's not what I want, but they are really leaving me no choice.

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