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Gear s3 app got many bugs

Gear s3 app got many bugs






Samsung gear s3


Operating System



Spotify Samsung gear version



My Question or Issue


Hey, I had started to use Spotify for gear s3, for the last 2 months. Throughout that time, I have faced too many bugs, that repeat themselves: 


1. *Anytime* someone calls me, and I decline it by sending a message, the Spotify app starts to play a song. Note that: I didn't play any song before. 


2.  Somtimes, when I go out to run, and the Samsung health app tells me my status(Distance, average pace, etc.), Spotify suddenly stops to play any song. Even though I closed and then reopen it, disconnect and reconnect the Bluetooth earphones, etc. Furthermore, when I try to play any song without earphones, it shows the green circle as it it is played, but it is not. And yes, the volume is up, and not muted. The same thing happens when I try to use earphones. So the only way to fix it, is to restart the device, which is something pretty annoying to do when you run, especially when the watch keeps tracking of you. 


3. I have got a playlist, which is set to "download" on my gear s3. Anytime I decided to add new song to it, by using Spotify on the PC or smartphone, the song is shown as downloaded on the device, but when I try to play it *offline*, it ''jumps" to the first song of the playlist.  So the only way to play a new song, is online, which again, doesn't help me to hear songs when I go out to run. I tried to turn off "download" from the specific playlist, and turn it on again. Also, I tried turning off and on the app, and the device. None of them helped me hear the song offline, although it is shown as already downloaded. The only thing that made it possible to hear it offline, is to delete Spotify app, redownload it(to the gear s3), and then log in  to my account. Which makes it very tough to get new songs on my playlist, rapidly. 


4. I can not shuffle play a playlist. When I click "shuffle play", the app starts play a random song, but then it just proceeds in the original line of the playlist. Moreover, when it gets to the final song, it stops playing, and I should start play the playlist again manually. 


5. I can not log into my account on gear with Facebook.Here is the only solution I have found so far:  


Account>Set device password> send email to set password.


You get into your account through spotify online, on your browser. 


It's important to remember both passwrod&username, because you need them both to get into your account on your gear. 


Frankly, that's the only way I know to log in into your spotify account on gear. 



I really enjoy from using Spotify Premium's service, and I would like it to be as fun and useful on my watch, as it is in any other device. Those bugs are pretty massive and disturbing, and they are the kind of things that will make me use another service, what I really don't want to do. 


I will be more than happy if you fix it, thank you! 

2 Replies

Hey @_Bellagio_, welcome to the Community!


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. We'll definitely be able to help out though. 


About the log in troubles you're having, you'll need to continue using the workaround you're using. You're unable to log in through Facebook because Facebook authentication isn't supported on Gear devices.


About the other issues you're having, how long have they been going on for? Have you already tried reinstalling the app on your watch?


Let us know how it goes.

The issues recur since I bought the device, about 3 month ago. As I said before, the only way I figured out to sovle some of the issues, is to reinstall the app. For instance, if I want to get(offline), the new songs I added to my playlist, I have to reinstall the app.

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