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File format and bitrate on spotify connect.

File format and bitrate on spotify connect.

Hallo all. 

I am a premium subscriber 

I have a Denon unit I use  lot with Spotify connect. It works really well. 


Mostly the sound quality is pretty good. But ones in a while on some tracks, I think they sound a bit rough. 

I know that listening on my phone I get Ogg Vorbis in 320 kbit/s. 

But what does Spotify use on connect devices. I read somewhere a claim that they used AAC format in 256 kbit/s on connect. But does anybody here know if the is true ? 


Thanks in advance, and have a great day. 



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Hey @ShDK, welcome to the Community!


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. We'll be glad to clear things up.


The bitrate for Spotify when using Connect depends on the device where the sound is being streamed to. In other words, Spotify streams at the bitrate your device is capable of. 


The format stays the same in Ogg Vorbis.


About the trouble you're having with the tracks, do you notice the same quality if you don't use Connect, or if you use Connect to a different device?


Let us know.

Hello Spotify.

I only have one device on witch I can use Spotify connect. But I can
experience the same difference in quality from track to track when playing
on my phone app to a pair of headphones.

But what is the max bitrate i can expect from Spotify when using connect?

Thanks a lot.


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