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I can't share music in instagram stories


I can't share music in instagram stories






Huawuei P20 Lite

Operating System



My Question or Issue

When I try to share some song I don't see the Instagram Stories opcion, can you help me?

I already vinculated mi account with facebook. 

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I seem to be having the same issue. I have followed the steps you recommended and I still can't access the feature.


I have a Huawei P20 CLT-L09, I have version for Instagram, and version of Spotify.


They will not going to fix it. It's no use for us to complain about problem here. 

Don't wait for it boys, they'll not fix it, i am sure they not even reading our replies, thank you dear spotify!!

I think the problem is on instagram account, like some ig account doesnt have a newer feature or late. Solution is create new instagram account then when using that account force close both spotify and instagram. Then u the instagram story share will appear on spotify, then u can change back to your main ig account. 

Thanks man, I try mine and it works, all of you guys shall try. Thanks!!!!

this didnt work at all, sadly

Yeah! works! 

the problem is in the older accounts.



1- Create a new  Instagram account

2- Logoff on the older one

3- Try to share on your stories, after close all the 2 apps

4- Reboot the smartphone

5- Login on the 2 accounts again and try. 


Thank you!

Para os BR:


O problema está na sua conta, não no app. 


Criem uma nova conta (com um nome qualquer) e façam logoff na conta antiga. logo após, force a parada do Spotify e do Instagram e abra novamente (ou então reinicie o telefone). Vocé verá que além da opção de compartilhar no stories, irá aparecer a foto do seu perfil no cantinho direito da tela inicial, no 5º item ao lado do coração (pelo menos para mim não aparecia antes).


Tem que deixar as duas contas logadas no seu app, ou então o problema volta. Tentei aqui sair da conta nova e deixar só a antiga (principal) logada e o bug voltou. Portanto acredito que seja algum problema no código do sistema. Esses dias somente que foi aparecer para mim a opção de repostar stories em que fui citado. 


PS: Nem sempre funciona, portanto tente ficar logando e deslogando das contas, logo após isso force a parada do spotify e veja se a opção aparece. Geralmente só aparece quando a fotinho do seu perfil também aparece no quinto item da página inicial. Nos testes em que fiz, só funcionou logando nas duas contas ao mesmo tempo. 


Galaxy S9 


After doing this. How will we be able to change back into the old account?
Wouldn't it then have the same issues!?

After you change to the new account the instagram story pop up will appear
in spotify even when you change back to old accout

Tried it allowed me to do it once but once I try again to make sure it only takes to the ig screen to take a picture or record instead of the Spotify song

Hey @davidnz89.


Thanks for posting about this.


This is an issue we're aware and which we're still working on.

Make sure to check back in this thread - we'll keep you posted there with any updates.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any further questions.

This is not a issue. Spotify folks are deliberately leaving out this feature in Android app. Reinstalling apps won't do any good. This feature works fine on my iPad. When are you going to add this in Android app? We are also paying customers.

How I handle the problem:

1) Create a new dummy instagram account

2) Close both Instagram and Spotify

3) Open Instagram, log in to the new account, then close Instagram.

4) Open Spotify

5) Open Instagram (and if you are not automatically logged in to the new account, log in to the new account)

6) Switch back to Spotify and voila! The "Instagram Stories" option should be available under thr "share" option. 

7) Now you should switch back you your main Instagram account WITHOUT closing Spotify. 


After these all steps, "Instagram Stories" option will not disappear as long as you don't close Spotify. In case it disappears, you should start over the procedure from step 2.


Hope this helps. 

This works for me, but it's still a bug.


Device's info:


- Motorola Z3 play

- Spotify version:

- Instagram version:

Thanks, this works for me.

This worked for me.


Hey there @dowglas,


Thanks for reaching out with these details.


In this case, we'd recommend adding your +VOTE and leaving this info in a comment in this Ongoing Issue thread instead.


This way, you can also stay up to speed with any updates we have regarding this issue.


Let us know how you get on! We'll be right here if there's anything else we can help with.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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in the others option on insta dm is there.

tried it all.

didn't work.

help please.

phone-- Xiaomi redmi note 5

android-- 8.1.0

spotify version--


Hi Peter,


It's just puzzling how the option was available a few minutes ago, and I have been posting/sharing Spotify on my Instagram stories in the past but am now unable to, because the "Instagram Stories" option is no longer available when sharing a song directly from Spotify. I have checked both apps and they are both updated. Is this an Android issue?

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