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Issue with Spotify Connect on Denon AVR-1200W

Issue with Spotify Connect on Denon AVR-1200W

Hi all,


I have an issue with Spotify Connect on my Denon AVR-1200W, which is different than other issues I read in the community, so asking in a different post.


My Spotify Connect is working sometimes yes and sometimes no:

/Sometimes the Spotify Icon is not even present a an option.

/Sometimes the Connect icon is present, but when I tap it, it tryes to connect for a few seconds, and then nothing.(sometimes the icon remains there, smoetimes it dissapears afterwards)

/Sometimes it's present an it is working perfectly fine. When it tarts working, it keeps working fine...


The use cases when it works and when it does not, seem random to me, and it's not related to when I turn the AVR on/off.


On the other side, AirPlay is always working. Also Internet Radio is always working. The AVR is always connected to the LAN and has a valid IP even when Connect is not working.


/I am connected with Ethernet cable, but also with Wi-Fi I have the same issue.

/I have DHCP on but I also tried switching it off and I have the same issue.

/The router is a Netgear D7000, and I did not have any connection issue with the other devices.


Given the randomic nature of my issue, I am a little bit worried.


Anyone has an idea of what this issue could be related to?




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