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Listen in private so spotify doesnt suggest songs from that session

Listen in private so spotify doesnt suggest songs from that session

Hi, I've searched on forums and on the app itself but can't find my answer anywhere. 

I have premium incase this makes a difference...


What I want is to be able to listen to my sleeping playlist which is all acoustic songs without it showing in my daily mixes or anything like that is this possible? I've finally got all my recommendations perfected but don't want to ruin them by playing 8h of chilled out music Every night!

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Hey @TimMitchell, help's here. 


We understand that you don't want your music during the night to affect your recommendations. Right now, the best thing to do is to use private listening. However, keep in mind that anything you play privately may still factor into some of the personalized mixes we make for you such as Daily Mixes, but not Discover Weekly.


Also, private listening will be disabled after some time, and there's a risk that it won't be active during your entire sleep. 


If you think this is something that other people would like to have changed, make sure to add an idea so others can vote for it and contribute to the discussion.


Hope that helps 🙂


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