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Logitech Squeezebox touch - app outdated!

Logitech Squeezebox touch - app outdated!

I love Spotify and I love my Logitech Squeezebox touch, but the app on this device is really outdated.


The most anoying thing for me is the message 'Track is not available in your region". On the desktop app you can hide songs not available for your region.


Any updates planned for this device? The app is still version 1.0, it seems it has never been updated!


Nice to have would be the 'radio' feature, like on Android.

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I agree.  The official spotify app on touch is too basic, and is unstable (!).

For such an important application (we do spent 10 Euro/month remember) there should be more support.

Agreed, The app is horrible. I expected better from Spotify.

Exactly... I just put the app on my SBT and I can only play my playlists or search, it wont let me play my in-spotify apps, such as classify and triple j etc. Spotify you need to sort this or I'll be cancelling my premium account before the end of the month. After all this is the reason I decided to go for the paid option.

You can vote on the bug report to indicate that you think it's important:


You can vote by clicking the vote link next to "Importance" at the bug report I linked to

No wonder this app hasn't been updated at all - looks like Logitech is discontinuing the Squeezebox line.  Great.

Logitech have a replacement line, which seems to  be more or less crippled versions of the Squeezeboxes (only radio so far, which is the "UE Smart Radio"), but they do have spotify-functionality. The hardware is similar, so perhaps we can hope for an updated plugin soon, compatible with both systems.

A reply from spotify would be nice.  There are severl Squeezebox posts on here but I haven't seen a reply from Spotify on any of them.

I think spotify already have replied to a couple of those posts claiming that logitech developed the app and that it's up to them to make it work (which I doubt will happen). Still I think that Spotify should push logitech about it because they are loosing customers (like me I'm already using WiMP instead) because of this bug.




It would be cool if the triode spotify app for squeezebox could be implemented into so that we that don't use a local server could enjoy spotify on our squeezeboxes.

FYI, you can upgrade the firmware of your squeezebox radio to the new UE Smart Radio.

Don't know yet if the spotify app is better on it. I'm currently upgrading, I'll let you know then.


Edit : didn't get the error "song not available in your region" for the moment... 🙂

I can now confirm : no more errors while playing my Spotify playlist on my Squeezebox radio. Before upgrading to UE Smart Radio, I was constantly getting the error message "this song isn't available in your region".


But there is some bad points to mention if you're planning to upgrade :

- internet connection always needed (even for playing local files on a local media server for example)

- linux and NAS media servers doesn't exist anymore (only MacOS and Windows for the moment)


To upgrade your Squeezebox, go to, login and there you'll have the choice to upgrade or not.

Click upgrade and a new line will appear on your squeezebox screen allowing you to upgrade.

Personnally, I had to connect my squeezebox through an ethernet cable to be able to download the firmware (download was stuck at 0% when connected with wifi).



Edit : Finally, I still get the error msg some times, but very rare compared to the old version

The Napster App also works great on the SB Touch and Radio. They have now got just as good a library as Spotify if not better. I'd like to know if upgarding to UE Radio is a good idea. Any comments?

OK here it is November, 2013 and the issue with Logitech has not been resolved. Terrible menu gives you practically nothing, and songs cannot be played if "not in your region", whatever that means. What a great service, but Spotify really letting us down here. Please do something, thanks.

Spotify are looking into this again. (Just got confirmation).



Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

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Good morning
Is it possible with an ipad app to let spotify on my squeezebox working?
I have a logitech duet , but it does not support spotify!

Ok, now it's January 2014 and still no solution.  I've tried two different computers and several installs of Squeezebox, nothing works.  I've even had problems with the triode 3rd party application.  The triode app at least will start playing music from Spotify but it cuts out after 15-50 seconds.  


Called Logitech and they said it's entirely in Spotify's hands.  Can't believe I'm paying $10/month for this service so I can use an 1/8" jack connected to my stereo to play Spotify.  Need a solution from Spotify or I'm done with the service, you have plenty of competition which would love my money instead.

Which error are you getting?

Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

Spotify Last.FM Twitter LinkedIn Meet Peter Rock Star Jam 2014

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Hi Peter,


Have you got any feedback from Spotify regarding this issue?





I'm not getting an error per se.  As my post states, "The triode app at least will start playing music from Spotify but it cuts out after 15-50 seconds."  


When i used the OEM Spotify app put out by Spotify the results were worse, the music wouldn't play at all, I would see the track time count up to 5 seconds into the track and then it would stop and go back to zero.


I've not been contacted by Spotify yet.


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