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Major bug with Windows Mobile app


Major bug with Windows Mobile app

Whenever I try to launch my Spotify app on my Windows 10 Mobile phone, I get the following error: 

"The audio could not be started. Please restart the application."

Then it crashes. 

So the app is currently 100% broken. Fix please? 

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Same for me ... Switched to deezer, spotify sucks on uwp

Something I've found that seems to work (well at least sometimes) is close down everything else that's running (Press and hold <-, close every open thing) then try again.

Fairly high success rate doing this.


Hoever Spotify - this is stupid! Why should we have to do that for a premium paid service? Other App's don't seem to have this issue. Are you trying to get exclusive access to the audio or something?

I am going to try that. Thanks.
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After a bit of experimenting I find that Spotify won't load when WhatsApp is active. Closing WhatsApp before, or even while, Spotify is loading does the trick. I can have any number of apps active, and Spotify will load normal. Just not WhatsApp. Hope this helps

I confirm !!!

It works. Kill other apps and Spotify will work.

Same issue here. Spotify loads very long and then displays the "The audio could not be started". Works fine after restart. I have a premium subscription. This issue has been there from the very first day I had my phone (Lumia 950). Will also switch to Deezer premium thanks to your recommendations.

The issue is down to the Windows 10 mobile application being installed onto a SD card. I moved the application from SD card to device storage and it works perfectly. Spotify team: Could one of your developers make sure this app does not end up on a SD card or fix the underlying issue.

I have this issue on a Lumia 930 - only has internal memory, no SD card. So clearly isn't an issue with storage.  Just rubbish coding.

I tried literally all options including deleting Spotify and switching to other services but since Spotify database is so huge I had to get back. Now I need to restart my phone every time I use Spotify. I have a fully updated 950XL and this is the biggest disappointment I have feflt with this phone model, of course thanks to Spotify.

Do you mean having the whatsapp app actually running and viewable in the task switched, or just in the background to enable messages to come through and appear in notifications?

What do you mean? Where did WhatsApp come from?

I don't even use WhattsApp, so I doubt it could be the root cause of the issue.

There is nothing in those replies that gives a solution. i'm having the exact same problem. I actually had it working in April while on vacation. That lasted about a day and then back to the same notice as above. It works if you turn the phone off, but I cannot tell you the frequency. It also works once in a while if you uninstall and then reinstall. How "bout that for a solution? Today that one was snake eyes.

Why is it that Spotify completely ignores this obvious isse? I mean, "turn the phone off first"? HellOOooo.

This issue is not whatsapp. I have NEVER used whatsapp.  It is not storage. I DO NOT have external storage.  Bad coding? More than likely.  rebooting phone only hides whatever the real issue is.  Memory leak? contention for audio device? That could be why closing other apps sometimes helps - but why would spotify need exclusive access?  FIX the coding.  It seems the only good solution I see here is 1. remove spotify 2. install deezer.  I've never used deezer but I guess I'm going to try.  So glad I decided to try before I buy - and spotify had a lot of word of mouth recomends which are all changing now. 

Microsoft 950XL Dual Sim. 3gb RAM. 1703. updating to 1708 as I type this, just became available today for me.  I *might* try spotify post update but the fact is people having the issue and it was never acknowledged by Spotify. That's just poor business and a reflection of their customer service.

Digging deeper somebody suggested dumping all open apps and then trying again and it works. But you are right. Trouble is nobody is going to rewrite a Win app. In this case, however, Spotify has an obligation to those of use paying every month.

The Spotify for Windows10Mobile app is garbage. That's the problem. They wont take it out of maintenance to fix critical bugs. It's unusable and I'm not giving my money to a company with this kind of on going track record of bad service. You guys wont last long like this. 

I finally ordered an android phone after all this time. There are no more Windows Updates, only bug fixes. They gave up.
BUT.. Just dump your open apps and it works fine.

Closing open apps does not work on my L930; that is not a solution - it is possibly a workaround that may on occasion work for some people.


There is only one genuine solution - do as Microsoft are doing, and drop the Windows 10 Mobile platform, and go for Android or iOS (or if you're adventurous, go for Sailfish X).  Spotify won't ever update the W10M mobile application, which is utterly ridiculous.

I have read all the posts and I have the same problem when trying to open Spotify on my Windows 10 phone.  Just says audio cant be loaded.  Any further solutions?  Have tried reloading the app, re-booting the phone but still no Joy.  The app works ok on my old Nokia Lumia windows phone but I want it to work on my mircosoft windows 10 phone.  Help

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