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Missing functionality in LG smart-TV app

Missing functionality in LG smart-TV app

Hi. I`m a regular Spotify Premium user, and have been for several years now. I recently bought a LG smart TV, wich comes with a Spotify app. Why is this app so lacking in functionality? It`s like a Spotify "very-very-lite". For instance - the library lacks "Artist" - it only has Playlist, Album and Song. And there is no way to highlight artist to come to the artist page. etc etc. 


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Me again,


After looking around a bit more, I see this has been a problem for more than two years. Is it really that difficult to do some customer service? I guess this app must be more or less the same for all smart tv`s...

Hi there i am also annoyed that i can not access my library songs and artists and also the nice Daily Mix 1 -5 that spotify compiled. I noticed it updated for the new year which meant i had to login on smart phone but still no different, very annoying.

Hey @Fineste.


Thanks for getting in touch!


It's possible that apps written for certain third party devices, have less features than the stand-alone Spotify client. For an LG TV for example, we recommend using a mobile device as a 'remote'. You'll be using Spotify Connect to choose songs on your mobile device and stream it to your TV. You can find more info about this here.


Hope this helps! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

I just started using Spotify with my new LG TV--no subscription yet. I cannot figure out how to search for an artist or song. I just seem to get a Wikipedia reference for a piece of music or a bunch of movie and TV links for an artist. Menu choices at the top are only Home, Your Library, and Search. How do I do a useful search?

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