play button doesn't work on samsung smart tv

play button doesn't work on samsung smart tv


Have  Samsung UE48J6202.

Spotify worked perfectly till some days ago it changed skin/design or some  update of spotify was made on tv (attaching photo of the new look).

When pushing play button nothing happens. Program works properly but the play does not 😕

Tried logging of and reinstalling Spotify - nothing changed.

Samsung TV says it does not have new updates since 2016. Think there can be a problem.

Using family acc. Other devices (laptop, mobile) work perfect.

Any ideas how to get my beloved spotify on tv?


p. s. mobile can connect to tv, but you cannot play anything with tv remote control.


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Has there been a solution to this? We just got a new Samsung at and I can’t play podcasts! It’s very frustrating


Actually some work, and others don’t. Even more frustrating! Today Parcast Network ones worked for me, but not BBC world service ones

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