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New Gear S2 app (Verizon)

New Gear S2 app (Verizon)

Hey everybody.
The announcement was made about two weeks ago that Spotify was coming to the Samsung gear s3 and S2. I have an S2. (with 3g on Verizon) however I have yet to see the Spotify application be released yet for the watch despite assurances that it would roll out completely within a week of the announcement.

My question is, has there been anyone out there on Verizon that has been able to get the app for their watch? And if not, is it known if Verizon is for some reason not being included?
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I'm in the same situation. I've been checking every day. I've contacted both spotify and Samsung. Neither were overly helpful. Spotify said I'd need to contact samsung. Samsung said I'd need to contact spotify. Anyone on Verizon s2 able to get the spotify app?

Same boat here too. I contacted Samsung and Verizon and both were puzzled that I couldn't find it. I was told it's rolling out slowly as not to overload servers, so to keep a lookout in the next weeks.

I have a feeling an update needs to be released to us through Verizon in order to find it. It looks as though they are the only provider who's customers can't find it.

I contacted spotify too, will report back if they have any ideas.


I have pretty much exhausted all resources on this.  I talked with Samsung, Verizon, and Spotify many times, and tried everything they threw at me.  All of them gave up and keep telling me I need to contact the other.  I'm hoping that the next software update we get to either our phone or Gear S2 will fix this issue.  Pretty bummed out that noone can help us.    


I recieved a notification today to update my Gear S2.  Upon doing this Spotify is present!!!  I'm guessing it just took Verizon a while to get that update pushed out to all of us.

Update released today bringing s3 features to the s2 including Spotify, only gripe is that it lags a little

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