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Not pausing podcast during ads

Not pausing podcast during ads

This problem just showed up and now keeps happening, where the ad spots will start and while the ad is going the podcast will continue in the background without the ability to pause it or return the podcast video view. It's incrediblely annoying and makes it so I can't hear either because both the ad and podcast are playing over each other. Trying to pause just pauses the ad and the podcast will continue without the ability to see it, so if I want to watch a video podcast I have to wait for the ads to finish and then go back to the spot where the ads started. Even worse is if I go to far back it will count the ad spot again and start this whole annoying thing over again and I have to listen to more un-intelligible ads and skip backwards again. To make the farse even funnier, the podcast I'm trying to watch is one with video exclusively on Spotify. 


This happened on the windows 11 desktop app.

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Macbook Pro 2021

Operating System

OS 13.2.1


Spotify Version

Spotify for macOS (Apple Silicon)


My Question or Issue


When i play a podcast today (after updating), an ad will begin to play (which should be barred on Premium or have user controls). The podcast continues to play in the background, but hitting pause/stop only pauses the ad, not the podcast. The only way to stop the podcast is to quit the app.


Note: this podcast has video, the ads have graphics/info in the now playing section. This happens regardless if hardware acceleration is off or on, and if the Now Playing section settings are off or on. This happens on multiple episodes.

I'm having this same problem, just one thing to try to help. Mine let's me pause the ad and you can drag the bar to the end and unpause to skip the ad, still so annoying

Hey @zenitix,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community.


Can you send us a link to the podcast episode(s) where this is happening? If possible, also send a short screen/audio recording of the behavior, so we can investigate on our end.


In the meantime, if you have another device, try playing the podcast there and see if the issue persists.


Keep us posted.

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This is happening to me too, on Android. Ads are playing on top of podcast content instead of pausing the content like normal.

The podcast is Distractable and I have attached a video of the behavior, it's really easy to replicate. The clip doesn't show the podcast video because the app has anti-recording code to prevent piracy, but the important part is more the sound anyway. I had to compress the clip like crazy so I could attach it cause this website won't let me send file larger than 8mb and wouldn't accept the clip as a .mkv. I'm also putting a google drive link to a different clip here as an mkv that isn't compressed to **b...



Same here, on android. Definitely not any specific podcast. It's happening any time one of these obnoxious ads plays. 

The podcast is Distractable and here is a clip of the behavior.


I tried replying to this comment once before with an attachment of a clip but this site doesn't allow .mkv files or attachments over 8mb, and doesn't even allow attachments on posts without verified emails even though mine should be and I've had premium before and the resend verify email button does nothing. Like is this whole **bleep**ing site programed by **bleep**ing monkeys, nothing in this piece**bleep** community site works either, did all the programmers quit because none of these**bleep** problems happened before.


Whenever I get to a ad spot on a podcast it plays the ad like normal then the audio from the podcast starts playing at the same time as the ad, it doesn't do this with music though I have a Premium account, and it doesn't do this on my phone or the browser version though I do have a adblocker and that could be why. It allows me to skip through the ad to the end but usually there's more than one ad so I have to skip two or three more times to get back to the podcast, also sometimes I need to rewind it back to where I was and if I go too far back and the ad plays again the problem ensues, this started a few days ago and wont seem to stop.


I have tried clearing my cache multiple times and clearing my temp files on my computer as well as a clean uninstall/reinstall of the Spotify app itself and nothing has worked.


I saw and similar post about this problem but with no solution.



I'm on PC using the desktop app on windows 10.

exact same thing happening to me cant find any fixes real annoying

Yo, same here.  S23+ across my lists..

That's not my pro pic!!  lol

Hey folks,


Thanks for letting us know.


If you haven't already, please share the following:

  • The model, OS version and Spotify version of the device(s) this is happening on.
  • The troubleshooting steps you've tried so far.
  • If possible, a video of the issue.

Once we have this info, we can relay it to the right team.



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Following this as I'm having the same issue! I can deal with the ads, but not when they play at the same time as the podcast. Then, when you skip them or they are over, the podcast rewinds to where it would pick up after the ads.  

Same here, keeps doing this.

It's as simple as it sounds but very frustrating, I like to listen to the JRE podcast and until recently either through updating my phone to a Pixel 7a or a Spotify update ads are playing over content. Typically the 3rd party ad will pause the podcast, play, then continue where it left off. Now the ad will just start while the podcast continues in the background making it impossible to hear as they talk over each other.




United kingdom



Google pixel 7a

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


Happening to both devices I listed on.

  • The model, OS version and Spotify version of the device(s) this is happening on.
    1. Custom built Windows 11 desktop,  Version 22H2, Spotify for Windows (64 bit)
    2. Pixel 6 Pro, Android 13 (fully up to date), App Version
  • The troubleshooting steps you've tried so far.
    Exiting out of the app and re-opening.  This goes right back to the advertisement. 
    Skipping past the advertisement (Since I'm a pro subscriber) gets past the advertisement and I am able to see podcast video again.
  • If possible, a video of the issue.

Spotify for Windows (64 bit)

like I said I tried clearing my cache multiple times and restarts and temp files and clean uninstalls and reinstalls and nothing works for the app, it works fine on a browser but I have a ad blocker so I've just been using that for podcasts and the app for music, it happens on any podcast I've tried and some have videos and some don't

Same problem. It's all podcasts. 




Spotify version

One UI version 5.1

Android 13





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