Onkyo problems


Onkyo problems


Since weeks I am unable to use Spotify on my Onkyo reciever (709). The issue is that I can login, but all my playlists are empty.

In the past a (some) factory reset(s) helped, but not anymore. There seem to be multiple people  with this problem as can be read on:






I contacted Onkyo support some time ago and they pointed to Spotify (although I think the problem is in the Onkyo).

Recently the Onlyo support does not even respond anymore.


Perhaps someone at Spotify can poke the Onkyo people?


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Hi, I have just the TXNR509 and was trying to login with my spotify account details -  this is incorrect, you need to set up a device password - spotify generates a unique number for you, that is your login username, spotify will send you a link to click on and then you can set up your own password to match the login username number that you have been sent - once that is confirmed, then go to spotify on your AV system, use the number that was sent to you as your username and then enter the password you created - hey presto it should work. You can use that number and password for any AV device that you have. Good Luck.

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everything is fine  🙂

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You're lucky.  I can't even log in on my 609.  Good thing there's Pandora...


Well..I can login but not play anything. What is Pandora?


Onkyo + Spotify is just a marketing trick, but in reality it does not work.


i have the same exact problem, same receiver (onkyo 709).  i can log in just fine but all playlists are empty, and playlists created since the first time i logged in with my onkyo are stuck as "loading".  clearly something is wrong with how the spotify app is working with the Onkyo 709...


PS - i tend to agree with you that the issue is with onkyo.

That's odd. NewLine, I've just taken a look at your account and your playlists are indeed there - You can probably still see them over on Spotify on your computer, too.

One user in one of those GetSatisfaction threads said that resetting the Sonos appears to get it working, but it took a number of times. Are there any firmware updates you could try at all?
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I have the latest firmware in my onkyo and i'm still getting the "empty playlist" error.   my playlists aren't empty anywhere else i check them (mobile, desktop).   and other services like pandora are working just fine in my onkyo.

Hmm. Would your internet connection either be running through a Proxy, or go through a firewall by any chance?
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nope no proxy, no firewall.


tried again last night - empty playlists, recent playlists listed as "loading".   this is the only radio/music app in the onkyo 709 that i can't get to work and it's the one app i was actually planning on using a lot.


One user in one of those GetSatisfaction threads said that resetting the Sonos appears to get it working, but it took a number of times. Are there any firmware updates you could try at all?

We have a similar problem with Onkyo opn a brenadnew TX-NR 414-Receiver that we are reviewing at the Moment.


We have been using Spotify on Sonos yesterday without problems, as well as on iPhone and on the Computer (PC and Mac), but with Onkyo we could not even login to Spotify. Before the FW updated for the Onkyo-Receiver yesterday  everything worked well, but afterwards the user login from Spotify/Facebook was not taken any more. Spotify on the Computerstill  works well, on Sonoy as well. Other Network Services on Onkyo (Last.fm, Aupeo) are working as well, just the Spotify-Login is rejected. Is there a possibiliety, that something in the Spotify-Account can be resetted to delete any past Device-Logins (this device was already accepte for Spotify before, thne Onkyo apparently resetted the User-Login for the FW-Update, maybe it's necesary to reset this in Spotify as well?

Thanks for a really quick help, we are in the middle of a review about Spotify!



there is obviously something not right with the onkyo app - wish this could get fixed.


Good that this topic gets some attention again.


I have seen there is a Firmware update from March for the 709 that I havent tried yet. It does not mention anything about the Spotify app in the release notes, but I will give it a try anyway.


I see Onkyo is making a lot of advertisement on their site about their Spotify enabled receivers. Weird that they do not react to mails to support, or for example read this message board.


I have logged this problem again to Onkyo support...I am curious what will happen now...


I have submitted this issue again to Onkyo support. Hereby some snippets from the Onkyo support responses:


- unfortunately there doesn't appear to be a surefire fix for this - however, I have suffered this same problem personally with Spotify and managed to fix it.  What I had to do was go into my Spotify account on my PC and change my user password - I then logged out of Spotify on my Onkyo, logged back in again with my new password and within a few hours my playlists re-appeared. I can't guarantee that it will work for you but it's is certainly worth a try.


I tried this, but I still had the same problem.


A next response was:


Since my last reply to you, it's been identified that there is a problem with the system - please see this notice on our website - http://www.uk.onkyo.com/en/faq/index.php?action=artikel&id=447&artlang=en


This is so weird that they refer me to a november 2011 notice whilst saying, since my last reply, ... 


This is so disappointing 😞


Another response from Onkyo customer care:


Please note though that it's the Spotify system that is not working correctly and not the Onkyo - many people have found (including myself) that Spotify is very "hit and miss".  One day the playlist will update immediatley and others it can take two or three days to update.


Who actually developped the Spotify app on Onkyo? Onkyo or Spotify?

Same issue. Can't log in. TX-NR609. If this isn't going to work I'll have to cancel Spotify premium until it does work. I'm on the one-month trial. The only reason I would have premium would be to use it on the receiver. I never listen on my phone.


spotify and onkyo both pass the buck to each other on this issue, but i tend to think it's spotify's issue since us mac users are having so many bugs with their desktop app right now (and they don't want to even remotely address it).

I now have the same issue after working perfectly for months.


All other NET apps working OK.


I have tried the password change solution, but it didnt work for me.


Will have to cancel my subscription until there is a ix.


@rosters: any idea if something changed in your setup?


Did you contact Onkyo support? Perhaps if they hear the same issue often enough they will start looking into it.


Good point about the spotify subscription. I no longer need the premium if it doesnt work on the Onkyo.

I have not changed anything in my setup
I dowloaded latest firmware but it worked with this untill

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