[PS4] Can't load the Spotify app after "unlinked my Account"

[PS4] Can't load the Spotify app after "unlinked my Account"






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I'm not sure if I'm in the right category. Anyway, yesterday I tried to disconnect my Playstation account with Spotify, I did that in the Playstation options. Since then, the app on the ps4 no longer loads. If I try to connect another Ps4 account to my Spotify account it says "You are already logged in to a Spotify Account on my Console". I have already disconnected from my account on the Spotify website. And I've already tried this link (https://link.playstationmusic.com/spotify/details#). But there is said I should cancel the automatic renewal of my Spotify Premium. Now I wanted to ask if you can delete the connection between Psn and Spotify, so that I can relogg to my Account and listen to music again. 

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