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PS4 Spotify app loading problem still exists

PS4 Spotify app loading problem still exists



The problem happens when I try to start Spotify app on PS4, it would stuck on the logo screen forever(grey background with the green Spotify logo) and wouldnt launch.


I have been searching on this community site and found tons of similar cases, 

One of the thread from 2016 ( metioned that it might caused by PS4 system language settings. Since mine was Traditional Chinese, I tried to change it to English, and the problem solved immediatly. However, when I switch back my PS4 system language to Chinese, the problem occurs again. Which means I cannot open Spotify app as long as my PS4 system language is not English.


Apparently this bug has been here for more than 2 years. I understand it might not be a big deal, but it still took me almost an hour to figure out and still bothers me, so I really hope Spotify team can take it seriously and fix it ASAP.




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