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Podcasts pause after ads have played

Podcasts pause after ads have played

Hey folks!


We've been getting reports that  the app freezes/pauses/slows down the playback when listening to podcasts. This behavior happens after an ad has played and it's often resolved with restarting the app/the device.


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If you pay for premium, you shouldn't have ads.  But if there must be ads they shouldn't glitch and crash the app. I know this is a controversial concept. 

Please remove the ads that you put in podcasts like JRE for the people who are paying for a subscription. Getting interrupted for a lousy Mazda ad is not just annoying, but the ads also seem to screw up the app. Almost every single time one of your ads comes on, the app either stops working or the app skips the podcast that I'm listening to. Fix the issue by either removing the ads, or let us skip them. Every other service that you pay for either removes the ads (YouTube Premium) or allows you to skip them immediately (Amazon Prime). Eventually I'm just going to stop listening to podcasts on Spotify because the ads honestly ruin them when I have to restart the app the continue listening.







iPhone 8 and desktop windows 

Operating System

IOS latest as of writing this


My Question or Issue

So I am trying to listen to one of my favorite podcasts but all of a sudden the entire thing goes into slow speed without me changing the playback speed. The ad that starts the episode runs a normal speed and then as soon as the podcast really starts it slows down. It also has so much reverb. I have restarted my phone and computer, as well as reinstalling the applications and nothing has seemed to help it.


Does anyone know how to fix this.

Hi there @Chipylaser,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community.


Can you perform a clean reinstall of the app? This will make sure there's no old cache files causing this.


If that doesn't do the trick, can you try from a different device to see if the issue persist?


It would also be great if you can share the URI of the podcast.


We'll keep an eye out for your reply.


Take care!

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I tried uninstalling spotify multiple times, cleared all the data and it still doesn't work after an ad plays. This is a new problem within the past month. After all of the ads play on the JRE podcast, it pauses and will not play again. I have to restart my application for it to start working. Sometimes it even restarts the entire podcast from the beginning! I have the premium membership, android samsung galaxy phone. Please fix this. 

I have a free account and listen on the Spotify Android app (Samsung Galaxy S10).


Joe Rogan's podcast has trouble playing for at least the past week after the ads at the beginning of the show play. 


The intro of the show will play, then the ads will load and play. After the ads, the episode will load and freeze. You can hit Play/Pause, but nothing happens. 


Sometimes restarting the phone works, otherwise times it doesn't. 

I have been having this same issue. I have a premium account, and it refuses to play the podcast after it plays the ads. I thought maybe it was one or two episodes but it has been doing this since episodes #1668, and it is still doing it with the most recent episode #1675. When it first started I could close Spotify and then reopen it and it would play. That doesn't work anymore. I talked to somebody in Spotify Support and they told me to come here. Also I only have this issue playing JRE I can listen to any other podcast and it will play after it runs an ad. 


I have a premium account and have the exact same issue. Restarting my phone was fixing the issue, but now it's not. All other podcasts play without issue  

I have Spotify premium and listening to it on my Samsung S21+ in the US. For a couple weeks now when listening to the joe Rogan experience podcast it will stop playing after his adds play with no way to restart. I sometimes have luck after restarting the a few times but still takes a very long time to get it to play again. And unfortunately when it starts back it plays another one of his adds and it starts all over again. I can click over to any music and it will play but not his podcast. I've tried restarting the app, restarting the phone and reinstalled the app. Thanks for any and all help.


Hey folks,


First, we'd recommend trying a clean reinstall of the app on your device by following the steps here.


If after that you’re still having trouble with this, you could leave a +Vote and provide us with the following info if you already haven't:

  • device + OS version
  • exact Spotify version
  • if this happens only to a specific podcast
  • any troubleshooting that you've tried

Once we have that, we will pass it on to the relevant team, who will look further into it.



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I've been listening to a podcast lately and I'll listen to it in the background while I'm using other apps on my phone. Some of these apps have adds that'll play a video however they are usually muted. When the add starts to play Spotify will pause my podcast, to which I'll just unpause it once the add is over. However, a couple of times now the add will play and it'll cause Spotify to close completely, forcing me to leave said app I'm currently on, go to Spotify and unpause the podcast.  I think it would be really nice if Spotify kept playing whatever is playing in the background while the add is playing, **bleep** even just pausing the podcast while the add is playing would be fine, I just wish the adds wouldn't close Spotify completely. 

  • The app just crashes and doesn't resume playing, sometimes the podcast restarts from the beginning. Every. Time. Then the app won't remember where I am in the podcast, when I find my place the ad will then PLAY AGAIN, and the same thing will happen. 
  • device + OS version : Huawei P30 Android version 11
  • exact Spotify version:
  • if this happens only to a specific podcast: The Joe Rogan Experience.
  • any troubleshooting that you've tried: The above. Multiple times now.

Hey folks,


It's been a while since we received any new contacts or reports. We'll move this thread back to the help boards.


If you're still having trouble with this, make sure to comment with the info we asked for and we'll be happy to take another look.



Ver Moderator
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Everytime an AD plays on mine it restarts the podcast. I then have to try and find where it left off. Very annoying. I have premium so shouldn't be getting ads in the first place. Paying for nothing here.

I'm reviving this post.  JRE podcast has been restarting after an ad for a couple months now and it's extremely frustrating.

Samsung S20 w Android 11

Spotify v

Please fix this or I'll have to cancel my subscription.  The biggest reason I'm paying for this app is because JRE podcast.  



And sorry I meant to mention  that I have tried all suggested fixes.  Clean install, etc.

Hi there @J3ff_m,


Thanks for the post and providing us with the requested info.


Can you let us know if this is happening on any other device, like a PC or the Webplayer?


Also, does it happen on both WiFi and mobile data, and is it happening with any other podcast?


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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It happens on both wifi and mobile data for sure.  I dont know about PC as I only listen to Spotify on my phone.  I listen to about 8 different podcasts and JRE is only one with embedded ads so no idea if it happens on other podcasts.  


And also I get the unexpected error on this forum when I go to post a response just as many other people have.  It takes 2 or 3 attempts to post successfully.  So far I would consider this support experience sub par, especially given I can tell based on previous posts this problem has gone unsolved for quite some time.  I look forward to your response .


Hi there @J3ff_m


Thanks for getting back to us. 


We're sorry to hear that you've been struggling to post here, we'll make sure to pass your feedback on to the right folks.


On another note, we'd recommend that you try logging out and then logging back in twice on your phone. We know this sounds odd, but it's how the app forces a cache refresh.


If this doesn't do the trick, could you let us know if you're using an SD card? If so, we suggest that you remove it > restart your phone > perform a clean reinstall of the app again and let us know if this made the difference.


We'll keep an eye out for your reply.

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