Polestar 2, group session doesn't work, android automotive

Polestar 2, group session doesn't work, android automotive



Family Premium




Polestar 2, Iphone XR, iPhone 7

Operating System

Android automotive, iOs 14.


My Question or Issue

I tried using group session. But after scanning QR code nothing happens. 

I use the same account for polestar spotify as iPhone. Logged out on iphone so polestar was only one using account but no difference.


Tried group sessions between two iPhones in the same Family account and worked fine (works only by sharing link via Whatapp or messages, there is no QR option).


Tried polestar again but no effect.

No reaction when scanning QR code. 


Does anyone have group session working on Polestar?

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Hi there @AndrewFa,

Thank you for reaching out to us here in the Community.


Just to confirm, have you followed these steps?


It would also be great if you can let us know if you're logged into the same account on all of the devices?


Also, can you let us know what you'd like to do? For an example. do you want to listen from polestar and iPhone at the same time? Or control the music in the polestar with your phone?

We'll keep an eye out for your reply.

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Hi Jeremy, thanks for reacting!


So I'm using one Family premium account with each their own log on email address.

My iPhone uses the same log-on email as the Polestar. Tried with account logged in on the iPhone and logged out but no difference. 


I want to play music on the polestar. Do nothing with my iPhone and have other premium members control the music on the Polestar from their iPhone (with their premium login). Music should only play from the car speakers.


I have tried this set-up outside the car with my iphone and others controlling it with their phones, that works like a charm. The combination with the Polestar doesn't work.



Hey there @AndrewFa


Thanks for getting back in touch. 


Currently, the Group session is only available on mobile devices, that's why it doesn't work directly in your car. 


In this case, could you let us know if you start a group session on your phone, invite the members and then connect your phone to the car via Bluetooth the issue persists?


Keep us in the loop 🙂

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Hi Eni,


Thanks for reacting.


I think the feature should be available but there is something not working that should . 


Polestar had a big press release the Group session is available in the Polestar. 

(this is the Dutch version).


In the Android Automotive version you can also select the function and it even generates a QR code. To bad because it's a cool feature.


Hi @AndrewFa,


Thanks for getting back in touch.


The group session is still in in Beta, which means it's still being tested and some features and functionalities can change. It's currently available for the mobile and tablet apps, so we can't guarantee it'll work as expected while being used with third party integrations using the Spotify API.


We appreciate your feedback on the matter and invite you to check our Ideas board to see if someone else has suggested the rollout of this feature in other platforms. If you don't find any, you can submit your own idea. Others can then vote for it or add to the conversation to show their support. You can find the steps to submit a new idea in this Spotify Answer.


You can also read more about how feedback on ideas reaches Spotify here.


If you have any questions or need anything else, give us a shout.


Have a good one!

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