Problem with URL format? How to update playlist database for an old player (Nuvo MPS4).


Problem with URL format? How to update playlist database for an old player (Nuvo MPS4).



I am running an old Nuvo MPS4 that has a Spotify player embedded. It cannot access my playlists anymore (~2yrs), probably due to some minor API change that is not updated. However, I can still play top charts and then save them as local playlists.


In the db3 database, the song URLs are saved in a very long format, e.g.:



I cannot seem to use the format above (the URL) anywhere else? Is it old?

I would like to populate the database with songs from my current playslists. They seem to be very much shorter. What format should I use?




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Problem solved. Base64Encoded.

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Hey @OneBobone 


I have never seen such Spotify url's. I'm pretty sure it's dysfunctional as you mentioned your device is very old.

I got strange url's from my old Spotify client as well in the end.


The proper-looking Spotify song url is like this:

I see other Nuvo users also having issues with Spotify similar to you (can't search or browse own playlists, but "Music Guide" works.
Also, MPS4 is apparently no longer supported by Nuvo and seems to be a legacy product now.

If I understood correctly, then the device software/firmware is on Windows XP which is also unsupported by Spotify.

They are suggesting to use Chromecast now.


Hope this helps 🙂

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Thank you for responding.

The purpose of my request is indeed to try to modernize the equipment. It runs on Win7. The URL that I posted is  fresh, however I am not sure that it is the one "sent out" from the device. It is the one saved in a playlist database. I would need some port sniffing to confirm the actual Spotify request.

The spotify player within the MPS4 is not of today's player type nor "Spotify connect", but older. Ican/could search and select songs directly from within it. Still today I can select the top artists/albums and play them successfully.

I am hoping that I can find some more information on the older Spotify clients somewhere? Any ideas?

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Problem solved. Base64Encoded.


Hi Bob,


Could you elaborate on how you managed to solve your MPS4 Spotify playlist issue? My Nuvo MPS4E also lost the top-level Spotify lists, unfortunately. As you could probably tell, we've exchnaged messages in the AVS forum regarding the legacy Nuvo products as well. Your work and dedication to giving this fine product line extra life is outstanding. I am quite attached to them too.


Best regards,




Hello Nicola,

I have actually found a workaround that is pretty good.

It is now slightly manual, but I hope to be able to automate it.

Have a look at AVS as I posted the solution there. Would appreciate your feedback.

There is another goodie as well: Native Airlplay! Works fine on my network.



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