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Problems with Samsung multiroom playback


Problems with Samsung multiroom playback

I am having a lot of problems with playback via the samsung multiroom speakers (wam751 and wam 250), the music is interrupted many many times, almost like there is some buffering problem, yet I can get playback from other services on the same network


The speakers are on 2006.6 firmware


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@Craigrabbetts Try restarting all your devices. I had the same issue over the holidays and this helped. 

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Hey there @Armand, welcome to the community!


Are you using Spotify Connect to the device?  

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Hi Merik, yes I use spotify connect with my android phone and tablet

Have you got in touch with Samsung support?

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They told me to send them in for repair, but this is of course useless, they are not broken, they are bugged and I won't have the speakers which I aso use for other purposes

I went back to the store where I bought my set up and managed to reproduce the problem on their demo setup (none of my equipment used, just my spotify account)

@Merik @Peter I am trying to get help from spotifycares but they seem to be ignoring my tweets 😞

@Armand - Weird, hang in their they might just be busy since it is the weekend. 😉

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It's not just the weekends, it's always!

I'm having the same problem with my WAM 270 (LinkMate). Were you able to find a solution?

Any resolution? I am also having issues with Spotify connect. But I'm just realizing that it might actually be an issue with the Samsung app. Because Tunein doesn't work either nor does Spotify. It's saying both services are off-line when they're actually connected to the Internet

Sorry no resolution. I spoke with Samsung support which was no help. I
ended up cancelling Spotiy and switching to Deezer.

Cool. Thanks for the follow up. Haven't tried deezer yet. Have to give it a whirl.

Hello !


I ha ve the same problem with Spotitfy !

I have tried Deezer but I have other issues : somtimes the music goes to the next track or go to the end of the track, very difficult to listen a track completly!


Samsung Multiroom is bugged since the begining with these services.


Since weeks I have a NEW issue wiht TuneIn: my speacker goes "mute" alone !!!


Thank you. 

I have the same problem with the new Samsung WAM 7500 (radiant 360 speaker).

It worked fine for the first 4-6 weeks I had it. Played music via spotify connect - life was great!!

Now last week spotify started acting up. It won't even play 1 song, after 20 -200 (approx) secs it just cuts off. 

It only happens when i play wis the samsung speaker -all else works fine.


My spotify supscription renews on the 25th of the month. If I haven't fixed it by the I will cancel - it's really useless



Are you using the hub?

Yes I do.

Where you able to play different songs on different speakers using spotify?

Hahaha! And here is one more thread about this problem!


When will Spotify take this problem seriously??


The "spotify connect" issue, with blanks, gaps, and freezes is well known... by spotify users. But Spotify does not care, gives "pre-made" answers by mail, and does not really investigate. They haven't really answered officially and correctly, they even have not clearly acknowldeged the issue, whatever the questions or requests to official support.


Lots of people have the same problems, on different receivers (Pioneer, Marantz, Denon, Hama, Samsung, ...).

It first happened in august, and was solved in september, but nobody seems to know why. It happened again in november, and is still not solved.


Juste check these threads, it is crazy:


The first thread, since august. People having problems since novmenber start at page 9:


The thread I created:


Example of an other threads I found:


The more or less "official" thread for the issue from now:




The situation is just insane.

Hey folks. Spotify here.


Looking into these reports it seem there might be a couple of separate issues here. We'll try to get you sorted out. Would you mind posting a reply with the following info? 


Spotify version:


Firmware version:

Steps to reproduce:

Have you tried any solutions (e.g. Updating the firmware; Restarting the device):


@hinge Does playback ever start back up after it stops? 

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