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Spotify changes songs automaticly.

Spotify changes songs automaticly.






Lenovo P2 and Lenovo 750

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Android and Windows 10


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Spotify automaticly changes songs and plays it in Web Player. Sometimes I see 5-6 Web Player on "Devices Available". I am really done with that. On my phone, i turned it Offline to listen my music, otherwise in every 20-30 seconds, the song changes and "generally" those songs are ridicilious hiphop, rap songs, which I hate so much and none of them are on my list, I listen to rock/metal/blues/progressive music. I am really done with that, I can't even listen one minute of a song on my computer. I turned it Offline on my phone, so this time I cannot search for new songs. I uninstalled and re-installed but it didn't solve the problem. Help me please. 

By the way I don't have any payment problems. Spotify automaticly takes it from my bank account. 


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Hey @blankplanet, thanks for writing!


According to what you're letting us know, it's possible that you left your Spotify session open in a device you might have used at some point. In this case, our best suggestion would be to go here and click on "Sign out everywhere". Once you've done that, reset your Spotify password from this link. This way, Spotify will automatically log out each and every session you might have across all your active devices.


We hope this helps. Have an amazing day 🙂

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