Queued song keeps starting when playing new sessions

Queued song keeps starting when playing new sessions






iPhone X (direct play and bluetooth play to Ford Sync, Mac desktop client, Denon Spotify Connect

Operating System

All up to date


My Question or Issue

A while ago I queued a song (Glad Hes Gone Major Lazer Extended Remix by Tove Lo). Since then, it keeps playing as the second song very often when I start new sessions (Ford Sync via bluetooth form phone, starting via Spotify connect on Denon reciever, starting on Mac desktop after session on phone, ...).


Something is obviously wrong, and I would like to help it get cleared.


Devices have been restarted.

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Hi @mzl,


Please see this post for information on how the queue works, as well as how to clear it (jump to last paragraph to learn how to clear it).




Thanks for the tip, but that situation does not really apply here.


My problem is that the song keeps being re-queued, when new sessions are started. This does not happen every time, but happens intermittently. I can (and have some times) cleared the song from the queue, but half a day later, it re-appears.

Hi again @mzl,


Sorry, I misunderstood before. Please follow the steps here in case someone has gained access to your accounts. If it continues, please follow the steps here to perform a clean reinstall of your Spotify apps. 



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