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[Radio] Create New Station button missing


[Radio] Create New Station button missing






Windows 10


On the Radio screen, I used to be able to create a new station by clicking the Create New Station button, as described here in the documentation.  But that button has disappeared from the page, and there does not appear to be any other way to create a new station.


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I have the same problem with the removal of the search bar option in stations. I have even tried to go to an artist and create a station from the artist page to add to my stations list but this doesn’t seem to work either. Reiterating what has already been stated, this was the best feature of Spotify and with the removal has made this unusable. 

Hey @mck_mea.


Thanks for getting in touch!


We are aware of an issue with the app and are currently investigating it. Feel free to contribute in this topic where we gather information from affected users and keep everybody up-to-date. We'll get this sorted as soon as possible.


Sorry for the inconvenience. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

Why is Spotify making things harder for themselves? One feature I actually liked as it introduced me to more artists that I didn't know about. The likes of the DnB, trance, rock and metal genres. Also, this new workaround only lists so many artists whereas before, you had plenty to go at once you've reached the bottom of the playlist.  

It would be great to get some clarity about what is going on with radio functionality, as its behavior seems to have changed for lots of users on lots of platforms.

  • The "Create New Station" option has disappeared from the Radio screen.
  • The "Go to [Artist/Album/Song]" menu option now directs to a 50 song public playlist, instead of to a radio station.

Is this a bug? Is this a temporary change while some technical changes are in the works? Is this Spotify's way of phasing out the radio functionality? We would love to get some clarity on how and why this functionality is changing.

Having the same issue across many devices.

Om using Androids version premium. I also can't add station either. I can create new radio base on album song or artist but then I can only follow those radio. And they will only show in the playlist I'm the library, not in the station section... So confusing. I remember I used to able to create radio and add it in the station. 

I have chatted with the support and they have confirmed that "Radio" and "Stations" will be deleted. Only artists will be able to create stations, users will not be able to do so. But the "stations" will only be a playlist with songs. A normal playlist of 50 songs. The "artists" and "stations" menu is temporary and will be deleted.

Another functionality that Spotify eliminates.

This problem is occurring in Desktop and Mobile on mac OS and iOS as well. 


" issue with the app and are currently investigating it"??


There are two possibilities:
1: You lie.
2. You don´t know what you are talking about.
Both are bad.


While I decide which possibility is correct, AppleMusic looks at me from afar.


I have chatted with the support and they have confirmed that "Radio" and "Stations" will be deleted. Only artists will be able to create stations, users will not be able to do so. But the "stations" will only be a playlist with songs. A normal playlist of 50 songs. The "artists" and "stations" menu is temporary and will be deleted.
Another functionality that Spotify eliminates.

Yes, it's has been missing for me a for a few months as well now. Thanks for the tip about going to artist page (or right clicking artist radio).

Really??... I also use Spotify, almost exclusively, for its radio option.  Its such a great way to hear new music and find new artists.  When I lost my "search" bar under the stations menu a few months ago, I also resorted back to Pandora.  Couldn't stand going through the holiday season without my Christmas stations, right!?  Man alive. smh.

Maybe I'll have to subscirbe to Pandora instead of Spotify, I guess.  Pity though... because the reason I subscribed to Spotify over Pandora was because I felt like their music selection for the radio option was a lot more varied and repeated alot less.  There were much more artists that came up on Spotify that I really enjoyed, while Pandora was giving me, what felt like, just a blander, less intersting spread of music.

Spotify, can you PLEASE reinstate the Radio Station option????  

Would enhance our experience and your rapport in the community.

Same issue, sounds like maybe this is by design vs an unforeseen accident.  I can go to artists and then do Artist Radio but for many artists, it's giving me a playlist and not a true radio station. The issue with the playlist is that I can't like or dislike. I thought the whole point of radio was to help with the algorithm  to find artists better suited to your tastes? The radio feature is one of the best ways to find new artists. I prefer a radio style listening vs just listening to 1 artisit so this is a real bummer.


Using PC desktop and andriod app

I signed up over the past week... thought I would be able to do this and save money versus Pandora...


today I canceled my subscription to Spotify and got a chargeback from my Credit Card to give me a refund.


When they reinstate this feature... I will resuscribe.

It sounds like they stripped out the radio function of their service, and are using this thread as a market research survey as to if it's worth the money to continue it's existence.  

It’s unbelievably frustrating. I have some features back on Mac OS but not
iOS. Embarrassingly bad product planning and management. Furious.

My friend who works in Spotify sweden, told me that station and radio is one of the function that no team are working on it, which mean if there is a problem they won't working on it or prioritize. 

Also she said that she over heard that they will make a project, a new app for radio... But it's not her team, so she isn't I entirely sure what is it about. Is it a replacement of current radio or something...

Good thing I am still during the trial period until May... if the stations don't come back by then I don't see myself maintaining the subscription. 

Fingers crossed Spotify are seeing all the negative feedback on this change and will reconsider (here's hoping)

From what I can see you can create a radio station by listening to a single song which let's you change and evolve the station by liking or disliking songs that play but you can't save/favorite that station. The option to start a station with the drop down menu is more or less a lie. It creates a set playlist based off of what ever you chose with an option to save/favorite/follow this "station" but also takes away the like/dislike options that let you easily customize the list of songs that play.

So you can create a station that customizable but you have to search through your recently played list because thats the only way to keep track of it or use Spotify "radio" playlist that's easier to find but takes away the option to customize.

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