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Radio feature missing or not working properly


Radio feature missing or not working properly







Operating System

Win 10


My Question or Issue

 I like to use the playlist radio feature to find new songs for my playlist, but recently I can't find the option anymore on my computer. I used to just press the ellipses to the right of the 'play/pause' button on the playlist, then I would press the 'go to playlist radio' button. But now I don't see that option, while I do still it on my android phone. Where is it?



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Yes, at least from the mobile apps, is that after doing that, you aren't
able to Follow from the app. Following the station to preserve it seems to
only be possible from the desktop/web.

Ok, the option for playlist radio was available in the version of the macOS app, however it's gone in the "go to Song playlist" is sill available.

I don't see "Go to Song Playlist" but only "Go to Song Radio". Still not a solution: the radio option allowed to find songs related to a curated playlist.

Official response from Spotify as of 4 Feb 2019:



Apologies, but the playlist radio context menu has been removed with our current update.

Spotify Customer Support


So there you have it.

At least I know that it is their fault 😄 


@bmgoau wrote:

Official response from Spotify as of 4 Feb 2019:



Apologies, but the playlist radio context menu has been removed with our current update.

Spotify Customer Support


So there you have it.

Go to Playlist Radio is now back on both desktop and mobile...

Yup, I just saw it this morning 😮

Jup it's back, but now the dedicated Radio section in the iOS app is gone or am I imagining things that never were there?

Oh Yes it´s back i´m so happy. 

Thanks Spotify for hearing us!!!

Not back on the Linux Build. I'm guessing we're getting delayed updates?

Marked as solution

Hey folks,


We just wanted to let you know that we have rolled out a new Radio experience to all users. 


To find out more about how the new Radio works, head on over to this thread, where we've given a breakdown of the feature, as well as including a link for leaving any feedback that you might have about the feature.





I have to add to the general complaints. The changes to the radio function were really poorly thought out. For me, I really liked playing a song, and then press "Radio" to automatically generate a playlist -- *with that song still playing and included on this.*

Amazingly, the rough equivalent in the new version creates a playlist based on a song, but excludes it! 

Furthermore, I still find the controls a mess, with many different ways to "like" and "add" a song to a library.

Hey @MacSpotifyFam.


Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate it.


The root song on which the Song Radio is based should be included in the playlist.


Would you trying a quick clean reinstall and seeing if that solves the issue for you?

If not, could you provide us with the following info:

  • exact Spotify version
  • device + OS version?

Thanks! We'll be looking out for your reply so we can look into this further if need be.

Nope. It doesn’t.

Instead, the current version is identical how Pandora used to create stations. It is so annoying that I’m going to cancel unless you fix it.

I’m using Spotify 8.4.95 on iOS 12.

Here’s how to crest the problem:
1. Search for a song:
Pizza Guy
2. Click on the menu and choose go to radio.
3. Up will pop the “Pizza Guy” playlist radio, populated with every song BUT Pizza Guy.

This is different than before. Previously, if you created a station, the song you chose would be at the top.

The current process by contrast makes NO sense. If I’m choosing a song for a radio, then presumably I want to listen to it as well.

Why did you make such a change that makes this LESS useful?

Hey @MacSpotifyFam.


Thanks for getting back to us.


We just tested this on our end on a device with the same specs and the root song appears in the playlist radio as expected.


Would you mind trying to log in to your account on another device and seeing if the issue persists? 


Once we have that info, we'll be able to help you further with this.


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your reply.

Hi! For some reason, my reply didn't get posted.


I tried on a different iOS device and the same problem happened. Here's the problem:

1. Search for a song;

2. Select it, and then it is playing

3. While the song is playing, choose Go to radio


A playlist appears, but the song isn't on it. Did you try exactly these steps? If so, can you share a screen shot, so I can see what I'm doing wrong?

Hey @MacSpotifyFam - no worries 🙂


Those are the exact steps that we tried, and it seems that you are doing everything correctly. Would you mind trying to do this on another account?


If it works fine on another account, then we suspect there might be an issue with your account.


The best thing to do in this case is to get in touch with our Customer Support team here. They will be able to help you out with transferring all your saved music to a new account and then closing the old one. The new account should no longer show the same issue.


Hope that helps! Let us know how it goes - we’ll be right here if you have any further questions.

They should really bring this back... 

Tuesday October 1st 2019

Getting the error message that the radio can't be opened on all my attempts other than one which won't load more songs. I assume the one that did load only did so because I had been playing it before the error. 

On the Windows version, 'Go to artist radio' is greyed out.

And is 'Here comes the sun' really the most popular Beatles tune?


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