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Release Radar full of intentionally mislabled tracks

Release Radar full of intentionally mislabled tracks

Over the past month or two my auto-generated playlists, but especially the release radar one, have been infested with scam tracks. These tracks have an artist listed who is definitely an artist I follow and enjoy. However, the artist in question absolutely has nothing to do with the track. Whoever uploaded the track falsely listed that artist in order to have the track get automatically inserted into playlists of people, like me, who enjoy that artist. When someone like me goes to release radar and just presses play to listen to the whole thing, their track gets played, and presumably they get money.


Yes, I know there are ways to report these tracks. I have reported quite a few. However, the reporting system is a pain in the **bleep**. There needs to be a way to report the songs in the Spotify interface that takes only a few clicks, preferably one click.


Also, that shouldn't even be necessary. These tracks should not be able to get uploaded to Spotify in the first place. Why are people who can upload to Spotify allowed to put whatever artist they want on a song? If I have a record company there are only so many artists that we have music for. If we upload a song we shouldn't be able to list an artist that isn't in our company, especially not an extremely popular one, without a human being at Spotify making sure it's legit. Simple as that.


Please fix this. The auto generated playlists are a large reason I use Spotify. It really helps with music discoverability. But it's not going to work if it's just full of fraudulent songs.

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Hi there @Apreche,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


This has been reported and the team in charge is currently looking into it. 


In this case, we'd recommend taking a look at this thread for more info. You can also leave some information about your devices so we can investigate further.


If anything else comes up, we'll be right here.



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