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Samsung Smart TV App not working

Samsung Smart TV App not working

I have a Samsung Smart TV UE49KS7000 with the spotify app pre-installed.  For over a month I have been unable to access Spotify on my TV- when I select the app, I am greeted with a black screen only.


The app is fully updated and I am unable to uninstall and re-install as the app is pre-loaded on the TV.   The TV's software is also fully up-to-date.


Any ideas? Thanks

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<crickets>  Why doesn't Spotify fix this issue??

Did you resolve this issue? Im now experiencing the exact same 😩

Hi Muzikality,


I didn't do anything myself to resolve it but the app on my TV received an update not long after my post and now it works fine so looks like someone is reading these!  Good luck with yours!

I am sick of the app freezing every time I try to play music from my Spotify phone app to the TV and generally just freezing. I've literally just discovered a way to avoid power cycling the TV. Go into apps find the Spotify app and have it selected, then using the remote press the centre select button and hold it down, you then get given the option to reinstall the app. It reinstalls and better still doesn't log you out.

My Spotify app has a black screen on my TV.....first time with this issue help!!!




You might want to try what I suggested above about reinstalling the app. First try holding down the exit button on your remote until Spotify closes.





I tried, the TV will not allow me to delete this app.


Correct it won't let you delete it but you don't need to delete it, it
should let you reinstall it by going into apps and holding down the centre
select button. You should get the reinstall option then.



That works!!! Not only on the Spotify app, but on Pandora as well. Thank you, Wandaluzt!

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