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Shuffle in Spotify for Tesla is producing the same “random” order every day

Shuffle in Spotify for Tesla is producing the same “random” order every day

This bug report has nothing to do with playing repeated songs in a Radio. This issue is specific to Tesla cars, and Tesla cars only.


Every day, Spotify for Tesla starts playing the same shuffled sequence of songs in a large playlist. Basically, I’m listening to the same several songs in a playlist of thousands of songs all the time. It doesn’t help to turn off and turn on Shuffle - this works only once, and then the original ‘random’ order restores next day. It doesn’t help to restart or update the car. The ‘random’ order remains the same anyway. Tesla Service is saying ‘works as expected’ on any reported software issues. Please fix this issue. Is there a workaround that we can use until it’s fixed?

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Hey @Dmitrу,


Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome.


For starters, we recommend checking that the firmware on your Tesla is up-to-date. Additionally, let us know if you're using your personal Spotify account or the Tesla integrated account.


If you're using your personal account, let us know if you have the same problem while playing music from a different device. If you haven't checked, try playing the same playlist you listen to on your Tesla on a different device with the Shuffle on. Also, does this happen with one specific playlist or any playlist?


Lastly, in order to investigate, send over your car's info, such as model and software version, along with any other troubleshooting you've already tried (if any). We'll take a look.


We'll keep an eye out for your reply!

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Tesla Model X 2022

Firmware 2023.7.10 (the latest to date)

Only Spotify for Tesla is playing songs in the same 'random` order.

This happens with a playlist of thousands of songs that includes all the songs I like. One of the first songs in the 'random' order is Roxette - It Must Have Been Love. And I hear it every day. Even if I turn off and turn on Shuffle again, it's using the same order next day.

Hi @Dmitrу,


Thanks for the prompt reply.


Have you tried playing a different playlist from the Tesla to check if you have the same problem? 


On another note, it would be very helpful if you can send a video/recording of different days where we can see the behavior you're describing. You can, of course, skip the songs. We just need to see if the order in which they're playing is the same every day.


Keep us posted!

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I have only one playlist. I can try creating another one. I wanted to record a video today, but got another astonishing variation of it. Songs played in the sequential order with Shuffle turned on.


I do not remember the entire sequence of ‘random’ songs, but I witnessed at least several of them in the same order more than a dozen of times since I noticed the problem.


Recording a video may help to determine if the entire sequence is affected by this issue or only large parts of it.

I have the same problem. Whenever I start a playlist and switch it to shuffle, the same order of songs is produced. This is in a Tesla car, using my personal Spotify premium login.

The promised videos demonstrating the issue are attached to the message (replaced Dropbox links posted previously).

You can notice different first songs in the videos. They come from the previous session. After that, Shuffle suggests exactly the same "random" sequence of songs.


I think I also found how to reproduce the issue by will:

1. Play a playlist in Spotify on Shuffle.

2. Go to an underground parking with no cellular connectivity.

2. Exit it and resume the playback.


Results: Starting from the second song, the same sequence of songs is played. After triggering the issue by parking in an underground parking, the issue is reproducible after every parking - even outside.


Very annoying. The issue is critical. Please fix it as soon as possible.


Agreed, it's quite annoying.

I'm having the exact same issue.  Is there a fix for this?

Apple Music could be a fix. But it’s playing only the first 100 songs on Shuffle. Hard to tell which is worse…

+1 - Shuffle repeats the same songs every session.  Feels like the random seed used for shuffle is the same for every session and the length of the shuffle is quite short - not sure how many songs, but doesn't feel as many as 100 before repeating.  Tesla version 2023.12.9 - Model Y.

My problem (seems to be the same for others too) better described after a week's experience:


After the car has been parked - does not seem to make a difference for how long it was parked - Tesla's embedded Spotify player often remembers which song was playing in the previous session. The player finishes that song, and "shuffles" to the next song after. The problem is that this next song is always one particular song. Meaning that every time I start driving, after the current song is finished, I hear this one particular song, in my case "Follow me".  Now I tend to just skip forward many times, and it looks like the rest of the "shuffle" list is also fixed to be the same every time.


This sounds like the randomize feature is getting input from a static source. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, as personally I'm going to start listening to radio instead.

Just record a video, and you’ll see that the entire sequence of songs is the same. Only the first song is different.

I have the same issue, really frustrating, I now tend to use either Bluetooth or another music app to avoid.

The alternative service would be Apple Music. But it works even worse - it plays only 100 songs on Shuffle.

Having exactly the same issue. As my wife describes it, it's like a special place in **bleep** for music lovers. Personal Spotify Premium acct playing on Tesla (special place in **bleep**). It happens without obvious loss of connectivity (special place in **bleep**). I've removed the repeat offenders from my playlist (also 1000s of songs) and a new series of (special place in **bleep**) 5-7 songs takes their place (special place in **bleep**). Skipping them only adds a few truly random songs, then the same (special place in **bleep**) songs reappear, in exactly the same order (special place in **bleep**). Do not have the same issue (special place in **bleep**) on any other devices.  Special place in **bleep** happens on all playlists.

Please do not forget to “like” the initial message in this topic to let Spotify know that this issue happens to many users and it’s critical.

Hey folks,


Thanks for posting here in this thread and for all your replies.

In this case, in order to continue investigating this further, we'll need some details:

  • Firmware is running on your car.
  • Car's info, such as model and software version.
  • All the troubleshooting steps you've tried so far
  • Did you notice if this started to happen after some specific event, such as an OS update?
  • A video recording of this behavior

You can attach the videos in your next reply in mp4 format, or you can also upload them to YouTube or Google Drive and make them public so we can visualize them.

@Dmitrу, thanks for the videos you kindly sent us; nevertheless, we couldn't visualize them. Would you mind sending them again, but through YouTube or Google Drive?

If you already sent us some of these details, no worries; send us just the remaining ones. This way, we can forward this info onto the right team.

Keep us in the loop!

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Thank you for the reply. What did you mean by "couldn't visualize them"? Were you able to download the videos, but couldn't watch them? In this case, it wouldn't help to upload the same files to Google Drive. I checked the links on a Mac, and they work perfectly.

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