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Skipping 5 songs in playlist and only playing 10 seconds?

Skipping 5 songs in playlist and only playing 10 seconds?

When i select any song to play the web client will skip forward exactly 5 songs in the playlist, and then only play 10 seconds of music from the song.
This behavior is on the Firefox web browser.

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Hey folks!

We've merged your posts into this single thread as they seem to be related to the same issue!

The right folks are onto it and we'll make sure to keep you posted as soon as we have anything new to share 🙂

In the meantime, if you haven't already, please let us know the following details:

  • You device, it's OS version and your current Spotify version
  • If the issue is occurring on the Web Player, please include your browser type as well (after making sure it's up-to-date)
  • The troubleshooting you've tried so far

Many thanks!

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ive cleared my cookis and everything

Same issue here using web player with google chrome.

I am also having this issue on the web browser. I start a playlist, it skips 5 songs, and then the 6th song plays and stops at 10 seconds. 

No matter which songs I select they will play only for ten seconds and then the sound cuts off while the audio-visual bar timer display continues to show and count the time as if it's playing. In addition to this glitch, whatever playlist or artist I click on to play the first thing that happens is that the system skips over about 5-7 songs before beginning to play and will not let me bounce back to access the earlier tracks. Then the song that it lands on it only plays sound for precisely ten seconds. Basically, Spotify does not work.

Same thing all day. Windows based system and using chrome. No issues when playing through the app on my phone.

This is happening on my desktop/web-player whether I've paused a song previously or not. A song plays a few seconds, then stops. I'm trying to find one of these trouble-shooting articles that solves this problem...

I am using Spotify through the web browser on google chrome, Windows 10. For the last 2 days (Monday, Tuesday) Spotify will only sometimes play the first 10 seconds of songs. Also when i try to skip to another song it will rattle through about 8-10 songs before randomly stopping and playing another 10s. This appears to happen across all playlists, artists and albums. This problem is not present on my android phone app which has been working perfectly.

Today, the web player has a very weird behaviour. I am on my "Daily Mix 1" playlist. When I click on a song, the player skips it and some other songs that follow, and starts playing another one, usually at position +5 or +4.

See attached video.

It happens in any web player I use, either on Windows or Linux, both in Chrome and in Edge.

Any hints on what is happening?


More info; it happens for every playlist, for every song.

The only way I can choose what to listen if via the Spotify application PLAYING ON THE DEVICE where the app is installed.


In the Spotify application, as soon as I choose a web player, I see the same weird skipping also in the application. Basically, every time the output device is a web player, Spotify needs to skip some songs before starting playing.


Same here. Podcasts are also not playing.

This is happening to me too, but the sound only plays for the first 9 seconds then the song continues but the sound goes out. (I'm not experiencing the skipping issue though)

I'm having the same issue. The track that ends up actually working before the sound cuts out is usually song number 4-8 in whatever playlist. Looping the song just makes it play the same one second clip more than once, but doesn't stop the skipping. Any one else also having these issues?

Hey @lordthistle, thanks for reaching out to the Community!


Thank you for the video. Can you let me know if this happens on a different device (perhaps a desktop device)? Does this also happen on a mobile device? 


Additionally, can you let me know if this happens after you perform a clean reinstall of the desktop app following these steps, and clear your browser cookies and cache to see if that makes any difference?


Keep me posted. 

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Since first week of December 2022, on the Free web version, on a fresh installation of new and old Firefox versions, an automatic skip loop problem has begun, regardless of which account I use, and how many times I clear history and disable browser extensions.
Problem trigger: When clicking to play a song/artist/album/playlist, Spotify skips by about 5 tracks and plays something random (usually an advert). This issue only occurs on Firefox (my main browser).

Hi everyone,


Thanks for the post.


Sorry to hear that this started happening when you're listening with the Web player.


Can you please try the following troubleshooting:

  1. Log out Everywhere.
  2. Clear the Cache&Cookies on your browser and check if there is an available update.

If that doesn't do the trick, let us know:

  • Your current OS
  • Browser and version
  • Does the Web player work in incognito browser window?
  • Does the Web player work in another browser?
  • Are you using a VPN or a school/ work connection.
  • All troubleshooting tried so far so we avoid repeating the steps.

Keep us posted. We'll investigate this further.

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Hi folks!


If possible, try logging in on another computer (a friend's or a relative's would do) to see if the issue persists there. You can also ask a friend or a relative to log in to their account on your computer and check if the same behavior occurs there.


Something else you can try out is editing the hosts file on your computer and removing any lines with Spotify you come across with - just follow the steps in this article.


In case the issue persists, please share a short screen recording which captures the described behavior in action. That way we can get a clear understanding of how things look on your end.


Keep us posted. Cheers!

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Same here:

- First few songs skipped

-Then silence after 9-10 seconds of the first played song


-Windows 10

-Web player (Used Browser Firefox)

-No internet connection issues


-Tried to log out --> removing  spotify from memory cache--> Log into account . Didnt help.


Hi Yordan,

Me and several others are experiencing similar problems since around Monday 12/12/2022. (Compare Thread “Spotify Web Browser player stops playing songs after 10s, also skips songs)

In my case the settings are:

-Web player

-Browser: Firefox Version 102.6.0esr (64-bit)

-Windows 10 PC


What I tried so far:

  • Making sure there is no problem with Wifi/Internet connection
  • Unlog from Spotifiy. Clear Cache from Browser. Close Browser. Restart browser and relog into spotfiy. This didnt work.
  • Tried different Browser:  Google Chrome Version 108.0.5359.125 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • This worked for me. (Never used Chrome for Spotify before. So definitely no old data there)

Even though using a different browser worked for me there are people in the other thread I mentioned having this problem while using google chrome.


Thanks and best regards.

On both my account and wife's account, we have the duo account. I will select a song i want to play, but it will change songs a couple times right away to a random song from the album and then music will stop after 10 seconds of the song i did not choose. We are just using chrome on macbook.

I had the exact issue using Microsoft Edge. It did play in Chrome. I updated my Edge browser and now it is working there too. 


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