Song-Radio doesn't work over different (Spotify Connect) devices at same time (anymore)

Song-Radio doesn't work over different (Spotify Connect) devices at same time (anymore)

In current Versions of the Clients (Android, Windows, Spotify Connect Device (Yamaha CD-N301)) the Song-Radio function doesn't sync the Song-Radio List* (not the playlist!) correct over different devices. For example, if I start a Song-Radio on Android, the correct screen is shown on my Android Device, but in the Windows Client, I see only "a normal playlist" without the thump up/down buttons, but with the (in Radio-Modus not allowed) back button. In the other direction (starting Song-Radio in Windows and look it on Android) it also do not work.


It's possible a bug - not only that it worked in older Versions - starting a Song-Radio on Windows with a Spotify Connect Device currently being the speaker (Android or Yamaha CD-N301) results in a "working" Radio Screen in Windows, but the current playing Song isn't that shown on the Radio Screen, but the Speaker Symbol on the Song in front is shown! (see attached screenshot)

Starting the Song-Radio in Windows with Windows is the Speaker works. It looks like that it works also when it's switched to another device as speaker after the Song-Radio was started with Windows as the Speaker.


Starting the Song-Radio in Android Device shows the correct Song on all devices - even with other devices as the speaker - but it's not shown as Radio on Windows.


Possible it's just a problem with the Windows Client - but without more devices to test, I couldn't say, and when starting the post, I noticed it while listening to my Yamaha CD-N301.


*: The Radio Screen where I'm able to see the current and last played songs and where I'm allowed to like/unlike (thumb up/down) the current song, and where I'm also only allowed to forward to the next song - not go back to the last ones, so the backward arrow is missing. Well, you possible know what screen I mean - it's that one called Radio 😄

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